Feedback, so far so good!

Our goal is to see that all customers get what they order and have a happy growing experience.

In my case, you have come through on both of these goals.
I received all 4 of my orders on time and have started seeds from 3 orders with a 100% germination rate. I will never try any other company ever again.

My 1st experience with High Supplies was horrible!
I only ever received 2 of 3 of my five seed orders from them.
Of the 10 seeds I did receive I only got 2 out of 8 to germinate properly, or 25%.
The 2 that grew are small and weak compared to my ILGM seeds.
I only got 2/3 of the seeds I paid for and of those 75% did not germinate.
When I complained to them I got crap from their customer support.
Why would anyone want to deal with a Co. like this when ILGM delivers on their guarantees?

Keep up the good work ILGM, you’ve got a new loyal for life customer!

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4 Orders of 5 different strains. I haven’t tried my last order of Durbon Poison yet.
The 4 other strains all have a 100% germination rate, so I’m confident the DP are good too!
I will try that next, when I finish growing what is in my tent now!
Thank you for delivering quality seeds for me!

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4 weeks ago I planted the super skunk Autoflower today my biggest girl at 4 weeks old stands 14 in tall but the leaves are so fat it’s just common with this strain or am I late and fertilizes going Beyond what is expected

Oh yeah and here’s a tip for LED grow lights go to Home Depot the same light they sell in a hydroponic store is it a fraction of the price and they have three phases of light to alter as you grow all-in-one. My girls love it. By the way has anybody ever grown an upside-down plant from germination I had one of my seeds grow upside down in the sponge and I had to cut the sponge and turn it back right side up