Feedback on the time left

I think I would consider this one at about a week to go? What do you think. This is only the second auto I’ve ever done. It’s been an adventure. Not a very pretty plant, but I’ll get a little off of it. ILGM banana kush auto. 12 weeks from breaking ground. All cloudy trichs.


They look awesome :sunglasses: do you have any up close pictures of the trichomes. That would be the best way to get a better idea of when to harvest. :blush::v:How long have they been in flower?


You are close.

Very close.

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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I don’t have trich pics. I just have one of those 60x scopes. I would call it between 7 and 8 weeks in flower.

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I use my loop and I tape it with two sided tape to the back of my phone and zoom my phone up to +5. It makes taking the up close pictures much easier.

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