Feedback on my girls

We’ve had a lot of rain over the last 24 hrs with more to come today, not sure if that has anything to do with it?

Maybe a bit under fed. Hard to say for sure would depend on how far you are to harvest.

Could have been the rain as well. Also what size r those pots again?

From feedback from you guys I’m about a week or so from harvest. I didn’t realize it was important to track everything, another good learning for the rookie :slight_smile: . I gave them their last feeding 2 days ago. The pots are pretty wee compared to the plants, I’ll have to check on exact size but I think they’re 5 gallon.

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Can you take an actual closeup picture of a bud? That would help us in seeing how ripe they are.

image image image

This is the best I can do for now, but my loupe is in the mail!

Do you need something beside them for scale?

U have a TON of white pistils. Maybe 2-4 weeks left.

From the top of ur post it says 28 days ago. Maybe u didnt start flowering in July n i misguessd. But once those pistils brown a bit. U can look at the trichs for ripeness.

I agree with the others, you’re not that close to harvest.

Great, thanks! I was researching harvest time and I missed the pistil part, all I was seeing was trichromes.

Ok, if I’m still that far out, should I continue with nutes? Should I continue to remove the yellowing leaves? Should the purple leaves come off too?

So many questions lol…

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Yes. Sorry if i led u to stop prematurely. But she looks like she could definitely go for another feed or three. Depending on when u last waterd today if she is yellowing badly. Do u have a full body shot? And when did u last feed and or water?


Hey, don’t be crazy! No need to apologize, you were making an educated guess based on the info I gave you, I just really appreciate the sharing of knowledge.

I fed them 2 or 3 days ago, and rain barrel watered them yesterday. I just fed them again now.

Not sure about a body shot, but my schedule that came with my nutes has all 6 bottles in the mix, so I don’t have anything else to add lol

Should I be trimming the yellow and purple leaves?

Body shot = full body pic of the lady wit the yellow/purple leaves. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:.

N be careful. Just had rain. Fed again today. Rain again tomaro n ur threatening to overwater



Full body shot below haha

I’ll keep an eye on the water level too

That maybe slight overwatering. Give her a couple days to dry out. :+1:t5:

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I just read that some strains turn purple at harvest and it’s normal, so hopefully that’s the case. I also read cool weather can do it and we had a very cold spell a few days ago.

Here they after a little bit of sun today. Perking up for sure, but I think the purple might be here to stay…

I meant the yellowing. And that couldnt been a long time ago. The girls are standing hella proud. I bet those roots are gonna be insane when u pull em out

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:ok_hand:t2: On the yellowing and watering. No rain today and the suns been out so I’m sure they’ll dry up quick.

Pretty pumped to see the roots too (words I never expected to say lol), I’ll post pics for sure.

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I would say about 2 more weeks as well.

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Here they are now…the purple did not continue through the plants after the cold spell/over water and most of the large fan leaves are gone now. I’ve been removing them as they yellow and curl but I didn’t take any that were still green.

My plan going forward is to flush (their last nute bath was the 17th, two days ago) and, in theory, harvest next week.

The pics were in order, the view of the entire plant, then a closeup of a bud from that plant, but I think it got changed on upload

Let me know what you think!

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