Feedback on my girls

Hi all, I’m still pretty green (eh?eh?:wink:) and I was hoping some of you pros would take a peek at my ladies and let me know if you see rookie mistakes happening. Thanks for your time!

And one more pic for the immature among us (I’m among the immature)


They look good. N look at him waxing that…


I didn’t see anything that needs attention, nice job!

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Those plants there look really nice. I am no professional by no means but in most readings I have read that you cut those yellow leaves off the bottom and dying leaves because the plant uses some energy to try to keep them alive or at least slowly kill them. Cutting them off and cleaning up the bottoms a little bit the energy will go to the top.

Those flys are gonna create problems for you. They are making larvae that get in the leaves and leave nasty skid marks on the inside of the leafs which then have to be picked off. Dont let the flys get on your plants. Id sprinkle Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth on them and all around them. Goudluck.


I have diamotaceous earth on the soil but I didn’t know it was cool to sprinkle it on the plant itself

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I’ve wondered that myself. I had some plants last year that I probably over pruned so I’ve been restraining myself from doing any trimming on these gals. I’ll have to read up on pruning, I’m sure I’m coming up to the time to do it (or not)

Here they are now…they’re so lovely. Should I be concerned that the leaves are starting to go lighter green? There’s the odd yellowing leaves that I take off every few days.

In other news, they’re so top heavy in these pots it’s tough to keep them from toppling over on windy days, even in the pool as a windbreak. Learning for next year, bigger pots or in the ground! They’re also needing watering every other day right now, which I’m also attributing to the smaller pots not being able to keep enough water for what the big ladies could use - or is that poppycock?

Any other tips or feedback?


@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 do your expert eyes detect any issues? Quite a few leaves turning yellow now…

I don’t see nothing but beautiful girls raised right great job @TALKINTOBOB love the pool What yellowing is all down low few more weeks and your good buddy


Awesome, thanks @Hogmaster. All I’ve seen for when to harvest is you base it on the clarity/colour of the trichromes(I think), is that the best way?

The pool worked out nicely lol. They were getting blown over frequently because they’re so top heavy and I had just emptied the pool. Windbreak and a nice little home for them :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I’m an expert at anything, but I think your plants look great! If you’re having a hard time keeping them up maybe try some bamboo stakes?



If he’s not an expert im not even a noob yet. @Hogmaster said it tho. That yeloowing slowly is wat u want. She is eating her nitrogen out. (Now if u go ALL yellow overnight…) In veg u want to boost it for more green. But flower, let her eat the N she needs out her leaves. How long has she been flowering again?


Good to hear! From what I’ve read on the outdoor grows is that they enter flower once the days start getting shorter, so late June? I’m not great with logs…

The stakes are a good call (not in the pool of course), I’ll keep them in mind for next season, although I’m leaning towards a raised garden for them next year so hopefully they won’t be falling over anymore :slight_smile:

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Late June?! :joy::rofl::joy: where do u live? Around here it was mid august ish

Late june the day officially starts shortening but the hours are still summer length. Its when its around 13 hours a day here. Give or take tree shading a bit :joy:

Lol, ahhhh, I never understood that but I figured it was different because they were outdoor and had longer lives. Hahaha :slight_smile: That’s the sort of basics that I love learning though, thanks!

I’m in eastern Ontario, Canada

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Ahhh. Maybe late july in ur area. No problem man. Ask away

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I’ve been using Demetrius earth on the top of my plants as well. I have discontinued to use fearing that I’m clogging up the stomata mind you when I was using DEit was just taking some in my hands and Clap away…lol. until it look like it snowed a little bit. By the third day I would shower it off but I’ve noticed some Leaf damage and so I stopped.

That makes sense :slight_smile:

Couple new pics of the pool gals…should I be concerned that some of the leaves are turning purplish? @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32