Feedback on mutant


A question from a fellow grower:

Hi there, can I get some feedback on the mutant result of one plant from my recent grow.

Attached are the pics, both were in the same grow factors…same tent…same soil…same everything. The GOOD pic verse the Mutant pic.

The Mutant just didn’t want to flower … it tried but never really happened. There are Trichomes but not many.

Just for interest…not after refunds or anything. About to start a new grow with a High Yield Mix Pack…exciting times!



The “mutant” plant looks to be suffering from nutrient deficiencies, possibly a pH problem, and it also looks like it might have hermaphrodite flowers, many male flowers mixed in with the female flowers. This can often happen to a plant as a result of stresses like pH problems or nutrient toxicities.

Happy growing,