Feedback on growing situation

A question from a fellow grower:

As a first time grower, I started three weeks ago with two seedlings (supposedly “feminized” from a seedbank & prior to my knowledge of your blog/business…next time around I’m grabbing a gang of those gold leaf seeds carefully architected from your personally created, cannabinal genius). However, for the time being, after germination, I proceeded to plant seedlings in what I didn’t know to be “bad commercial grade soil.” The plants spent about a week in there before I transplanted them into 3 gallon pots (soil mixture half commercial, half fox farm ocean…the gentlemen at the hydroponics store said that would be cool). The plants all look healthy about a three and a half weeks in now, spending from 7:00 am to 6:15 pm outside in the sunlight, and the remainder of that time indoors under one 400 watt lamp in a 78 degree, well ventilated room with air flow control. I inspect these babies every day, and I came across some root aphids. I purchased some “Azamax” to treat the problem. The advice I seek from your professional experience regarding my situation would be:

  • Is this method okay in your opinion? What can I do better as an aspiring botanist for this grow in particular, and future grows to control the outcome?

  • Do you prefer hydroponics over soil, indoor over outdoor, greenhouse, certain lights or tricks of the trade/pointers you could insight which I have not read in your emails?

  • How often should plants be watered? Also, how often do I feed these three week old plants in three gallon pots with Flora nutrients now and for the future (i.e. Should each plant receive a gallon of water, if there’s a general rule of thumb)? How often should I treat the soil with drench treatment pertaining to the Azamax to fight off the root aphids? Lastly pertaining to watering, also perhaps most important, one question which I sort’ve vaguely asked already, how much water should each plant receive while in the three gallon pots (later on, 25 gallon fabric smart pots)?

-Should these pots all be a specific distance from each other? Are they all okay to sit inside the same tray? How long after watering do you allow tray to hold water before emptying to let soil dry? For transplant to 25 gallon fabric pots, is it okay to only use the “cannabis-happy, fox farm ocean” soil…the good soil to fill hose pots…or will it shock the plants being in a newly ratio-ed soil environment?

  • Is it okay to feed, water, and Azamax-treat at the same time, or should they be performed on different days utilizing different watering containers?