Feedback for newbie?

Any feedback on how my ladies are looking? 1st grow ever. All advice is accepted


Welcome to the community. Ladies are looking like they are loving life. Keep it up

Welcome the girls are looking great so don’t keep us in suspense what are you growing

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Girl scout cookies extreme. End of week 3. I believe.

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There looking great did you go with the autos or fem


Newbie jitters

Good deal you’ll have to keep us posted with more pictures as time goes on. I have not grown any autos yet but will be getting some seeds before next summer so I can grow them out side

I def. Will post as i go along. I’m scared to over water and feed

Myself I alway just lift the pot you can tell when there light from no water

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Do you have a ppm and ph meter

I have a ph meter, for soil and one for water.

You’ll want to get a ppm meter it will help in letting you how much your girls are eating in nutes

Welcome to the forum! Plants look nice, keep up the good work.

How old are your plants?

Here’s some general advice: keep a good digital PH and TDS meter on hand, calibrate and use them.

Use nutrients sparingly. If in soil, use soil designed for cannabis. If in soil, often that needs nothing in the way of nutrients and will only damage or retard the plants.

Use adequate light. Manage your space for airflow and cleanliness. Ask questions.

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Welcome ! They look real good. Here is some advice Just wanted to tell you that if you can get one of those little humidifiers that you can put in your tent at this stage and get it up to around 60% your plants will love you for it and grow faster. Where you are at now is excellent for flower ! Hopefully you have your nutrient line ready to go, looks like coco you’re growing in? Happy Growing

I grow in coco and love it. Plus you can reuse it.

Welcome to ILGM! Looks great! :v:

Welcome to the community plants look great.