Feedback and suggestions

Ok need thoughts ,and possibly help. I have sprouted 40 autos with 12 not coming up ,or sprouted. Doing 9 photos now five have taproots in 24 hours ,and got the other four still no taproot in 72 hour soak in distilled water. Here’s the pic of all. Any help would be appreciated.

The five with tap roots busted through ground this morning. The four with no taproots is out of the water in a towel covered with a black cloth laying on a heat mat. Really don’t want to give up.

I have had seeds that just refuse to grow a tap root. You want to be careful soaking for to long as the seeds will become mush. I learned that the hard way with a couple stubborn seeds. You can try planting them and let Mother Nature take over.

You can also put them in a ziplock bag with damp toilet paper or paper towel. Then see if they will pop.


I went with the paper towel ,and ziplock method since they set in water for 72 hours. Figure two ,or three days ,and then dirt. Before saying they ain’t going to do nothing. Thanks I been doing my sprouting like the company said. I’ll keep posting my progress ,or failures. Hopefully success. Don’t like to fail at nothing.

I sure hope it works out for you. Mine didn’t and I even tried a splash of hydrogen peroxide. Nothing worked but I have way to many seeds so I don’t worry.

Sounds like you are already doing what I would do. Move in between a couple layers of damp paper towels, then place inside of ziplock bag with some air trapped in. Put somewhere warm but not hot. I use my cable box, heat mat will work if it’s not really hot.


Well these was for outside. Be the last ones put out and wanted to have enough for just in case something happened I had others to fall back on. Working on getting a better indoor setup. Hate asking for refunds cause I don’t like asking for it, but that’s one reason I buy for you all. Great bunch to do business with. Want to try everything you all got several times over. Lol


There is nothing wrong with making a claim on the germination guarantee if need be. Just give them a little more time and see. If they still don’t pop, hold onto them and reach out to customer service through seed shop or link in your order confirmation email.


this is one of the five that tap roots popped in 24 hours of soaking in water ,and after it popped through the dirt ,and got its true first set of leaves laid over ,and not doing nothing. The four that wouldn’t show a tap roots have been in soil for three days with nothing showing yet.

Anything I can do but say a few words and move on.