Feed my plant 15-30-15 fertilizer

One week after feed her 15-30-15 and look how beautiful she’s looking 5 week it’s not going to be a huge bud but it does look nice for my first grow

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Yes they look great. lots of sugar on those leafs Should be nice to smoke.

Yes sir look’s real good there my friend.


You could use higher K value, more potassium for the buds during flower.

There is some leaf tip burn and the leaves don’t look the healthiest, some leaf edge up curl as well. Something is not quite right, pH or nutrient salt build up.

@Elpollon0818, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned these things to you before. I know you don’t have access to fancy nutrient brands where you are, but a fertilizer for tomatoes is going to be a better NPK than what you are using.

The buds are still getting frosty, so regardless of the plant not being at its healthiest, it will be decent smoke nonetheless. I’m just trying to help you get the most out of your current grow, and we all learn as we go and i’m sure you’ll only get better and better smoke as you go along.

Happy growing, MacG

I know that nut burn came a little while ago I over feed her some tomatoe nut that I had gotten from a friend but since then I had only water her with natural river water and she stood with the tips burn

this is another plant I have she’s on her 4th week into flowering

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Yeah, but the edges pf the leaves shouldn’t still be curling up at the edges like that, although it won’t go away immediately, it shouldn’t last that long after you have corrected the situation in the soil.

That plant looks much healthier. :smile:

MJ PLants adapt. However; You really do need more Potassium than Phosphorous at this time. K/ Potassium makes it sweet. P. Makes the roots grow.

Look what I found with more potassium

Looks good, I am legally blind and cannot make out all the ingredients. What is the Calcium rating?

yes, we can’t see the list of other nutrients besides the macro NPK

Latewood has bad eyesight, it be easier if you typed them out for him. And translate the chemical name to English could help too. I think that is (Cu) 0.007% --Copper?, but I’m not sue, I can’t even make that out.

Also what is the 1.04% made up of?
And the other one? Any other ones?

20% nitrogen 18% phosphorus and 20% potassium ins the micro nutrients (B) 0.01%
(Cu) 0.007% (FE) 0.05% (Mn) 0.03%
(Zn) 0.005%

Again, what is the others, the 1.04% made up of? And another with a ton of zeros? 0.0016?

Is one of those the calcium Latewood was asking about?

Maybe there is no calcium?

No theirs no calcium

What can I use for calcium

There are various soil amendments that contain calcium.

Limestone powdered rock dust, garden lime, or garden gypsum. And maybe others.

@latewood probably has suggestions and better knowledge about soil amendments and so I’ll tag him to this conversation so he can give his input and suggestions for someone that doesn’t have access to something like a CalMag+ or other specialty or hydro calcium supplements.

That is what I thought. You need Calcium.