FEED CHARTS - Right or Wrong?

I often see people questioning the feed charts put out by the various nutrient manufacturers . . . it seems the questions invariably revolve around the strength of the nutrient solution and it being too hot. So we see modified feed charts that mix at 1/4 or 1/2 strength of what the manufacturer’s chart suggests.

I was taught a different way to use feed charts and I was curious if I’m using them properly or not. My learnings tell me that these feed charts are NOT too hot when used

My hydro mentor taught me that when the nutrients are mixed according to the manufacturer’s chart the resulting solution will be at the correct NER for the corresponding stage of growth. The EC/PPM is supposed to be higher than the target allowing you to dilute the strength down to target EC/PPM without altering the NER. If nutrients are mixed at reduced strength and EC is too low, we add nutes to raise it up and this can result in an improper NER.

So to my understanding, feed charts when used properly, produce a concentrated nutrient solution that correlates to a particular stage of growth. Not a ready to use solution. Prior to feeding the solution should be diluted to the target EC/PPM and pH adjusted.

I suppose it’s six of one, half dozen of the other . . . learn to mix at desired EC/PPM, or mix to chart and dilute. Not looking for an argument, I’m just curious as to what is the correct method to use with the manufacturer’s feed charts.

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So instead of diluting, some just mix at half strength (or whatever). What’s the difference?

Wouldn’t this be clearly stated on the feed chart or are we just supposed to know about this?
Never seen this concept before.

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Nicely said you’re right on this chart is for the ratio and some will tell what to dilute for correct ppm.