Fed some cal mag n epsom salt a few days ago. Not sure if its fixing the problem

How long should i wait to flower this plant. Until shes 100 percent better?

Except for the every so slightly burnt tips, she looks good. Do you have a couple shots of the plant(s)

What u think? Two back ones r GSC. The front one on the left is cherry piecright side is wedding cake all photos

I’m doing my first photo run right now. Less than 2 weeks in. You look close to flip, but I don’t want to tell you wrong. What is your medium and feed? If you’re in soil, you may want to give calmag every watering between feedings.

Im in soil n i feed them Geoflora grow, insect frass once a week also kelp from Age old n roots organic calmag n epsom salt. Worm castings too. Im trying to go organic as i can!! What do u think my ppm should b at this size 7wk of veg?

What soil u using. As alot of should usually don’t need feed til about 4th to 6th week after transplants. Soil comes preloaded with nutes to last a while dependant upon water practices so this could be a slight reason I see the odd coloring in the leaf from an access of. Utes. If in soil like stayed I’d use calmag with every water as calmag issues can arise super fast especially if u use to water good luck nice looking plants so far let’s keep it growing lol

Is use Coco Loco. And by me giving calmag every watering wont hurt the plants? I am also giving them the lowest dose on the bottle ill up the dose too.

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Uugh @Covertgrower lol. It’s my forbidden medium I hated. I know I’ve used it with success. I don’t wanna point him wrong with this medium I hated. Sorry was. I had massive issues with the cocoloco when I used it. It only lasted a week in my grow room then was mixed with ffof. What’s the pH and ppms u feed with. I know alot r gonna ask to fill out the support ticket so just give a massive description on ur grow real quick
Soil or coco or hydro
pH and ppm numbers in and out
Lights that u use
Intake and exhaust
In a tent or no
Photos or autos with or without CO2 any heaters or AC used dehumidifiers ect. Give a good break down on this all and I’m sure I’ll get the answer u need

That sucks cocoloco didnt work for u bro but ive used it with 2 other grows n its been alright. Im new to this so my next one i will put more info from the jump. But thank u for all the support.

1000 mh
8inch exhaust cooling light bulb
Feeding once a week
Geoflora grow
Insect frass
Epsom salt

Co2 bags
Lights on temp 73-78f
Lights off 68-70f
All photos

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Ppm550-600 filterd ph water at 6.0

If you’re not sure it’s working quick enough then do a foliar spray. These nutrients are very slow on the uptake so a spray direct to where it’s needed will work wonders and you will see the results within a few days

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I would recommend giving some every time. Coco is always running short on everything.