Februray Texas Skunk

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I plan to order skunk in feburary. Do you know if it will do good in texas/ I have grown other plants but they did not do well. I think it was partly the soil.

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i take it you are growing outside,i’m from the area and as far as climate it will grow.
soil? maybe you could join our form so we can help further…fill out support ticket. @bob31

Skunk is a Indica dominant strain which is more native to milder climates best strains for you would be higher Sativa strains which love hotter drier climates


thank you @Donaldj hope you are staying warm!

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Sore today snow coming and weather has warmed some 25f or -4c warm enough moisture is in my bones this morning

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Yes I am growing outside in flower pots in central tx. thanks james


hey james i’m one state over ar,welcome to ilgm…
have you heard of fabric root pruning bags?

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Welcome @james-wills!

Welcome to forum from a coastal texan! A lot of these strains do not like the temps over 80°. I grow only indoors & still have problems with temps & humidity. There are strains that will thrive but youll need to look & also check if they like a humid environment or dry one. They can be finicky so make sure they can deal with the ever changing weather here.


Remember you can always do a bit of research in Roberts Seed Shop and learn which strains do better outdoors. I too am from Texas. The weather wasn’t always my worst enemy, it was the huge locust type grasshoppers, rabbits and deer.