February 2018 Bud of the Month Contest


February is always an interesting month for growers. Show us what you got.

Read the contest rules :slight_smile:

Entries are open

ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018
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Woohoo another month
Just a reminder to our great members no unnecessary chit chat in this thread the bom chat thread is linked
Thanks and happy :smiley: growing :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:
Thanks fir starting the bom Latewood


I’ll be first to throw my hat in the ring.
This is an AK-47 Auto grow. Order #176607
Hope you all like it. The main bud was 16" long of dense, sticky flowers


I’ll give it a crack with my White Widow Auto, Order# 214818. Not bad for my first grow. :+1: :smile:


You can’t win if you don’t play! I’ll throw my hat in the ring and bring down the grading curve a little. :wink:

Order #204511, Super Silver Haze:


Already some yummy bud porn!!! Awesome grows guys!!!


Order # 199167 Crystal


Another entry for my Green Crack Order# 210406


Northern lights #172060 first ever grow.


As always great looking buds. Good luck guys and gals


Gold Leaf #208488, first indoor. SCROG’d.


Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Order #208671


Great entries folks
Keep the great photos coming Woohoo
This is for all of the entry’s


Sour diesel order# 149953


Order #209888
Blueberry auto.
Nothing fancy this month.


Diving into the contest pool. Like Bogleg said, you can’t win if you don’t play! So excited as I never thought I would grow anything I would even consider entering. But with all your help here it is…my foot long bud. Order #212293 Blueberry Auto.


Wow everybody has some great buds going I have 2 favorites woohoo to play or not too ?


Play or not to play, that is the question. PLAY


Sour d # 108328 image


WOW Hogmaster that is some frosty lookin yumminess, I feel like withdrawing my entry. :astonished: