Feasibility of Vertical Farming


In that case yup. Veg a mother about two months. And go absolutely clone happy on her. Do u have ant experience cloning? In a situation like that i believe rooting gel/powder and or aloe would be invaluable to a higher success rate.


No I’m a long ways off from attempting this. Was a thought I had. Not sure what @Kalverra plans were. He may be wanting quantity and for that the super scrog (lol) might be better. I’m just all about sharing ideas. :grin:


Hey Doob-noob :wink: I think you are looking for what I found.


I have multiple ideas running through my head right now, but it all depends on the growing space I"ll have in the future when I want to do this. If I have the space I want to try the fog towers. After looking into it, Fogponics on a commercial level is difficult and deals with controllers and automation I’m not 100% on. But for a small scale setup I think I just about have it figured out.

I looked at a couple ultra sonic foggers and found one called the Cyclone Mk4, which is capable of pumping 2.5 Cubic Feet per second, hooking up to an external resevoir, and can be hooked up to timers. To put the Volume per Second into perspective 1 foot of 6" ID (Inner Diameter, or Nominal Diameter) Pipe only has .2 Cubic Feet.

So if you managed to string 100 Feet of 6" pipe together with plant holders along a wall it would only take 8 seconds to fill the space entirely and deliver nutrients to your plants.

After reading more about it, I found that a watering cycle of about 10 seconds is ideal with 10-15 minutes of dry time in between cycles. Alone with keeping the root zone temp below 67 degrees and above 95% Humidity (This is the recommendation I got from somebody who’s been doing this for a while so I guess that’s what the roots like).

So if it was possible to use an inexpensive controller to do time, as well as kick on when Humidity falls too low and temp gets too high in the root zone you’d have a fully automated nutrient delivery system.

The alternative to that is get two foggers, hook one up to a humidity/temp controller and clean water reservoir and then another up to a timer with the nutrient reservoir I think you’d be set

@PurpNGold74 @Whodat66


There is a thread on ‘automating a grow room’ where controllers an such are discussd. Believe its under 2 weeks old. Have u seen it? And sorry. Im not super savvy on the whole setup. Followd the math n the 8 seconds to water misting bit. But not much more :joy: above my knowledge level


I’m pretty sure I might have started that one, unless it goes into more detail about the controllers. I’m looking into ink-bird and such. I’ve never used any of them so I’m nervous about picking them out


Lol yup. U dunnit. Those Nest things look very… user friendly. But i believe inkbird was thr consensus go to for that convo. Kinda hazy tho


That’s genius @Whodat66 Vertical scrog with Side lighting


I’m actually trying this next season but first with veggies never done hydro got alot to research would basically be a flood and drain type system


Awesome. Tag me when you do please. I think it’s a neat idea. There’s a really large strawberry farm that has a very large vertical nft system. I’ll see if I can find it. Lots of things can be grown that way.


Imagine a disco-ball of quantum boards or COB’s LOL


Definatly will my only concern with growing weed this way is root room, but I bet they would grow horizontal so getting plant spacing right is going to take some playing with


You hang a scrog net vertically, and you weave the plants up it.


For starters, instead of spreading the plants ‘out’, like radiating in a circle from the stem, I think you would just start it like a scrog, but run all branches toward the wall in a fan-shape. Like one or 2 plants per wall.

You’ll still get the regular scrog buds from the center out, like in the pic.


I just realized something, with this guy hanging the lights like that, did the heat from upper bulb not damage the wire connected to the lower bulb? Or is there something I’m missing in this photo? Also, judging from how well the plants are turning out, I guess the wire blocking the light didn’t both the plants at all.


I assume with oscillating fans the bulb/wire had a little sway.


Ahhhh gotcha. That’s what I missed then. Doesn’t look like I’m going to worry too much about it then. Thanks buddy!