Feasibility of Vertical Farming


Hi All!

I was doing some brainstorming after a friend asked me about vertical farming. I personally have zero experience with this so I’m reaching out to you guys!

He plans on having a 10ft (a little taller if possible) ceiling, and 5ft of height for each set of plants. I know people get away with growing in a tent that’s 5ft high, so in my mind it seems feasible.

What I’m looking for would be genetics of a potent Indica that naturally grows shorter and bushy, and any input from people who have tried this before whether it worked out for the better or worse for them.

I’m know the plants will have to be trained from the start, so I would love some input on techniques you guys use!

Much love guys n’ gals!

Edit: So if any math folks wanna check me on my math. To do the fogponics thing I need to find an ultrasonic fogger that can fill 248ft of 6" ID pipe (Or, if I did my math right, 50 Cubic Feet (I rounded up)).

So that would mean, if I wanted to run a fogger for 8 seconds to fill the space and deliver the nutrients I would need a fogger that could deliver at least 6.25 Cubic Feet per second, right? I’m still looking for an actual post or forum that has this information and of course when I find it I’ll share it here for any other inquiring minds!


I haven’t seen anyone on here doing it but there are some cool videos on YouTube with vertical grows. Even one fairly large commercial setup.

I should add I haven’t been here that long so there may be older posts about it.


Here’s one I thought was interesting.


I came across this pic a while ago. Looks pretty sweet


THIS! Okay, so a while back I experimented with arranging plants in a circle around lights hung like that. I thought it would be a cool way to save space, create a “canopy” and ultimately produce more. Obviously still being extremely new at the time I didn’t do so well.

But this picture, holy shit. I love it. It seems to fix everything I did wrong, although I’m curious how he managed to train the plants to what appears to be “climbing like a vine”. I know they aren’t actually climbing like a vine, but it reminds me of that.


This is super interesting, I’m going to have to research how to do the fog ponics. I almost imagine I could do a gravity drain setup (Pump the water to the top and let it flow down the walls) with smaller towers, but I feel the amount of water and pump pressure required would be too much for the plants.


I think it took:

A. A veg of possibly 6-8 months.


I feel like that person did it just to do it if that’s the case.

It’s still amazing to see it though!


And thus… definitely a good enough reason to do it. I have questions for them as well. Like dimensions? Veg time? Yeild? What the devil kinda bulb is that? N can i have his/her autograph?


That’s why I saved that pic. :+1:


I looked at doing a vertical style nft system that would work well in a smaller (ish) room. Wouldn’t work in a tent but I’ll see if I can find pics of what I had in mind later tonight when I get home.


I’m really liking the fogpinics towers, but I’m pretty certain you would need some good ventilation to keep mildew and humidity down in the room. I wonder if it would be noticeable if you vented the vapor outside >.>

And I can’t wait to see what awesome system you have in store for me!


Ok I can’t find one exactly like what I had in mind but I’ll show you one similar and explain.


Hopefully that pic works it uploaded crazy fast. But my idea was to start on my left wall. Turn across the back wall then onto the right wall. From there it drops down a foot or so then reverses back to the other side in reverse all with 6 inch PVC and 6 90° elbows. Reservoir would be on the ground in the left corner. Pump up to the top and with the slight down slope of all the pipes it would drain from the pipe right below the one it started at. Plus this way I could still grow a couple plants in a RDWC system in the middle area of the room all using the same light and same reservoir.


That might be better than the towers honestly. I’m going to have to sit and draw a bunch of designs and figure out how much space everything requires. Plus since it runs along walls it could work even better. I love this website and I love this community.


Here’s a better pic except my idea would be flat against a wall.


That’s pretty nifty, I love it!


I would be way over legal plant counts but it would make a killer way to do a sea of green setup. Need to really run a lot of clones because it would get pricey running about 24 plants in a fairly small area with seeds.


I think you are making it too hard. Get some hog-wire (like 4" metal grid) line your walls with it and treat it like a vertical scrog net. You don’t even have to tuck, just buy a but-load of twist-ties.


Look at the cage-thingy @zparkie2 has around his tent. Looks like it would work perfectly.


Yeah but that takes a long veg time. The point of this (to me) was to run many plants the fastest possible and get a decent if not good amount in the end.