FDA scheduling chart


So not sure if this is in the right place. Has anyone ever looked at the FDA’s schedule? This was pulled straight from there. I find I stupid that the drugs that have listed at a lower schedule are way worse that Cannabis. I mean just look at it, it’s a damn joke. Zxanex, oxycodone, and fentanyl just to name a few. Those are so addictive and harsh on the body and liver. Then Cannabis is at the very top. I just don’t get it how the government can be so worried about a plant that actually helps people, but isn’t worried about people overdosing on all of the others that are below cannabis. It breaks my heart to see people I know an care about being addicted and ever killing themselves with worse drugs than cannabis but they want though to take their meds that can kill you, when cannabis saves people’s lives and gives them quality of life back that they haven’t had in years. I believe eventually the government will pull their heads out and see the error of their ways, but isn’t there something that all of us can do to show them that we aren’t messing around and we aren’t criminals. Rather we are everyday people that are just looking for something that actually helps us get better, rather then some meds they push on you to just help with pain not actually curling or making it better, but those meds just mask the pain for a while then you have to take more and more and over time they make you out to be the bad guy because your body has devolved a tolerance for them and you ask them for more an now they classify you as an addict. I’ve been there and had that done to me. Well I say no more. The only meds I take are my blood thinners because I have to or I could have another clot that doesn’t go to my lungs, like last time, an it goes to my heart or my brain and that’s lights out for me. Sorry for this rant, but it just makes me sick to my stomach. I’m not trying to get into the political side of things at all. I was just ranting.


It’s absolutely ridiculous. It makes me so upset because it just doesn’t make any sense at all.



Big Pharm controls what gets on the list by paying off govt officials to help them peddle their “patent” medicine. They want cannabis on the top of the list because they cannot figure out how to control the growth and sale. They also want to peddle their more expensive drugs that they use for cancer and not let us treat ourselves with less expensive and better working cannabis and it’s extracts. It is strictly a money game to them. They do not care that cannabis has less or no side effects.


I agree @TxGrowman


yeah baby me too


They aren’t worried about a plant they are worried about there profits once people can grow thier own medicine the pill sales would drop off and they know this so they keep it illegal
Not to mention all the other uses for the hemp plant ?
So if thought about logically the only answer you can come up with is they are worried about Pharmaceutical companies profits and that’s all they care about


that is hard to believe they place cocaine and meth as a better drug than mj. I would like to talk to them and hear why. all you have to do is read the paper, or like me live in a place where you see what these things do to people. its a disgrace.


F*** this shit !!! All the old m****** f****** in Congress/house of representatives need to f**** off who are against it! They can’t say a plant is illegal that has so many cannabinoids and we as humans have a cannabinoid system! It’s the fountain of youth!!!

Cures so much cancer which is in everything we eat and drink now adays. Livestock raised with antibiotics and steroids pumped with synthetic drugs and we consume those meats. Even crops like fruits and vegetables are sprayed with checmicals to prevent pests and diseases but it is not safe for human consumption!?!?!?


As I said before @AmnesiaHaze, everyone wants all the other states to get rid of their piece of crap politicians, but refuse to get rid of their own. Until we can convince people that all of them have got to go, we’re fighting an uphill battle. How do you think I feel being a libertarian in a NEO-CON state.


You know what’s funny is all these politicians are willingly going out on their own recognizance. Meaning they aren’t getting fired, becuase they want to collect their pension/retirement funding they get. If they were fired they wouldn’t be able to get 100% Comp.

And the buggiest thing of all I wanna say 99.99% of them will start a grow when they retire :nauseated_face:


I’ll bet good money that some are growing it now or at least smoking it now ! I’d like to see one of them get busted and spend some time being “Bubba’s good friend”. Just bend over a squeal ! (Think “Deliverance”) LOL


@TxGrowman they just don’t inhale. @AmnesiaHaze I know this is going to piss you off bad but it don’t matter if they are fired or not. Any one in Congress that serves 5 years or more is eligible for a minimum $17,500 pension. Nice work if you can get it.


:joy::laughing:not pissed off @skgrower could care less bout them. I just want to inform everyone NY governer Cuomo has talked about putting recreational marijuana on the ballot! But he is also up for re-election :neutral_face:IF NJ and MA have recreational, a lot of people in NYC are gunna be pissed off! Like @Countryboyjvd1971 :wink: and I


@AmnesiaHaze i believe that in the next few years we will be full legal here in NY
The greed factor alone with the money hungry government we have here in NY
Hes also coming out on the band wagon because a few of the candidates that will ne running for his job have already came out on the legalization side of the issue
Happy growing all


Hi @Hawkeye_diesel, unfortunately this is the world we are living in and it’s the days off billion dollars pharmaceutical companies that do not want our medical products to be as good as they are proving to be, I’m just hoping that it will not be much longer before everyone every where can also benefit so greatly keep growing :v:


Hey @Johnzy81 hawkeye is no longer with the forum fyi


OK @Countryboyjvd1971 thats fine thanks mate.


I would have to agree completely. The way their planning is, once they figure out a way to tax it, and then find the private people who want to invest in such, startup of building commercial grows will be in the near future for NY, once successful dispensaries make profit, it will become a reality :wink: @Countryboyjvd1971