Fazed out strains

An associate that I know. Just came back from California. He’s in the cannabis buisness said that the strains that I’m buying from IlGM are fazed out. That they are older strains and they are more prone to. Mold and spider mites. I don’t know what he’s talking about. So far I’ve had nothing but excellent results from them. I’ve purchased 3 times from them so far and only lost two or three seeds that didn’t germ. But IlGM looked out for me and replaced them and fast. They didn’t string you along. And that’s why I’m loyal to this site and it would kill me to find that this is true. So can anyone tell me if this dude is full of it or is there any truth to it.
Thanks gromies

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I’ve never had any issues from this seed supplier that weren’t caused by operator error and lack of experience. Only had seeds replaced once and it was moreso my fault and only lost 2 of 5 in germination my 2nd or 3rd grow cant remember but they sent me a whole new 5 pack after i sent pictures and a detailed description of what happened


I’m sure there are a lot of different strains (cultivars) out there that haven’t made it to ILGM or Leafly for that matter. Everyone and their mother is a breeder now. This seed shop is using tried and true cultivars that are reasonably stable and have been around enough to have both name recognition and a following.


Haters gonna hate……


All I know is that I love this site. I’ve had great experiences with them. And I don’t care if there older strains I just want to grow some good bud and be able to communicate with other growers.


Bro!!! I know that guy!!! He’s the same guy that told me that smoking a cigarette immediately after smoking bud would get me FOURTEEN PERCENT HIGHER. :grinning:
We all know that guy. :smirk:


This is talk directly from the rear end. Even if it were an old news type of strain, this does not make it more prone to mold or pests. Mold is more of an issue for plants that have more dense bud structure, old and new. Bugs are bugs and you’re not going to get a strain that can’t get bugs anytime soon. There are some terpene profiles at are considered more or less interesting to pests, and breeders that try to work with these genetics for problems in specific regions. As time goes on they will be more successful, but just because something is considered a classic strain doesn’t automatically mean its more likely to get mold or bugs.


A lot of grow shop guys can be equally entertaining with their comments.


ILGM seed bank has been around for a long time. Not only selling seeds but has grown truck loads of weed, You’re in good hands.
Happy growing my friend ! :v:


I am sure microbreweries say the same type of things about companies like Guinness. I like microbrews but still like Guinness as well. https://www.guinness.com/en
If you want to sell seeds you have to give the buyers reasons yours are better. It seems like a cheap shot to say the strains are being fazed out. Like saying Budweiser, Coors and Corona are being replaced. There is plenty of room for everyone on the playground.


Personally, I like the tried and true. Frankly, I would be embarrassed to say out loud the names of some the stuff out there now. Bob Seeger knew what he was talking about


So, i agree with everyone else, there is no basis for mites and mold, the OGs still grow into monsters, and get you blazed out. On the other hand i will admit that if you can find a really good breeder the tastes, smells, and potency are only getting better. Not all are super tolerant though, and dont like certain things in different extremes. Pros and Cons, and each strain is individualized in its challenges or benefits.


Bugs are environmental. Mold is too, pretty much. Keep your grow area clean and conditions right and badabingo badabango.