Favorite video game when stoned?


I tried Dying Light while high…it really creeped me out, Dead space will do the same, any of that franchise, I do mess with emulators, played a bunch of atari 2600 games while really stoned, they still suck, I have arcade emulators and enjoy Rampage world tour and two crude dudes,


Far cry 3,4 or 5 and any assassins creed. Love the stelth and in and out undetected aspect when stoned .


I enjoy complicated games. Strategy, flight sims, dark souls series, Red Dead, GTA. I grew up with a Colecovision and an Atari. I also enjoyed computer games like Wing Commander, point and click adventures like the Secret of Monkey’s Island or Loom, and Xwing vs Tie fighter when i was a kid.

I also used to enjoy playing in arcades blowing all my allowance on machines at local gas stations.

I used to play the Nintendo until my thumbs were numb.

I find as I get older though there are certain times I prefer to play around with video games. I prefer first thing in the morning, with my first two cups of coffee as I wake up, or late in the evening before I pass out for the night.


1000 year suspension. Harsh! :joy:


FALLOUT 4 blows my mind, I find it fascinating to a degree I can’t even explain.

Aside from everything else you have to grow your own food - and I keep wishing there was a MOD that allowed me to grow POT!