Favorite video game when stoned?


I like to get blazed, set some of my own music as background and dive into the Elderscrolls Oblivion…

You can get lost wandering around the countryside in the game, and the colors can be either vivid or normal if you like.

~ It doesn’t matter what you do in the game, you can’t screw up a precious save if you forget what you were trying to accomplish (!) so it’s an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole for the stoned and curious :stuck_out_tongue:


I would recommend any strategy or turn based game…I get pretty high so if my sits there for an hour I am cool and do not worry about messing my game up, been gaming for over thirty years. My suggestions would not always mesh with peoples tastes, I have played ff7 and up, most total war games, fallout 1-4 really get ya freaked out.


Grand Theft Auto


Crank up spotify, forza 7

I’m 5 days into Far Cry 5. If you’ve played the others, more of the same but a good story and looks amazing.


I will give it a try


Does Centipede count?
Tempest and Robotron 2084 would be cool to find in their original arcade machine formats
Those are the ones that were fresh when I was 15-16


Ben playing mmorpg Ultimate Online since 1998… like most things,it’s better when buzzed


ultima Online I ment


Fallout games on ps4


FALLOUT 3 and New Vegas have been a constant blast since I first got them, SKYRIM is another.

Need for Speed games I HAVE TO BE stoned for, or I cuss the freaking air purple

I need a new driving game that has older cars like mini coopers and air cooled VW’s in it, but I heard the WRC games were too clunky


There are a number of emulators that allow you to play on your pc. I’ll bet there’s one for those old arcade games. Damn things sucked the quarters right out of my pocket! Lol


I was quite the gamer before my tbi. I get frustrated too easily, I need to work at it for it to be enjoyable. I do love me some GTA though. Just be careful. You play to long, too high, then go out in public, you catch yourself looking at the world very differently :joy:


I really wish I could add something to this thread… I love video games… I used to play the $hit out of them… life at my old age just seems to get bizzier and bizzier as time goes on… I dont have the time to enjoy real life at this point…
I have alot of toys that I wish I had time to play with… never enough time in the day for me…
Still trying to figure out , if that’s a good or a bad thing… :thinking:



Black ops 2 zombies solo i just try to do everything in the game to solo as many waves as i can. Gets pretty hectic around round 27 or if im in the mood of being a team player I crack overwatch or darksouls 3 if i want to get frustrated lmao haahahahah


@337badazz @Garden2018 grand theft auto, and black ops 3 multiplayer.
Has to be a sativa for me.


@Covertgrower actually sativa is my preference even tho I love all strains bt if it comes down to it some super jack herer would do me awesome I like to be out and about while on a nice strong sativa. maybe you guys can tell me another good sativa strain since im new to SoCal im just finding all this nice diferent strains out thats why im growing now to supply my self. And because here I can freely grow which I love. Lol let me stop im too medicted atm. Lol :joy:


When I have time to play, it’s usually at night, so I’m using indicas, almost always. So playing GTA I find myself sitting at red lights for no reason, looking up at the sky/birds/landscape…you know, pretty much what I do in real life.


Good RPGs like Oblivion, Fallout, and Mass Effect. Borderlands (any and all versions) is an absolute blast to play high. Plants vs Zombies is great on consoles, as is Worms. I also love action/adventure games like Tomb Raider & Uncharted.

I love the GTA franchise, too.


ahh…Tempest. I can remember playing the original game at different arcades. sometimes you could tell the spin knob was either worn or had a different flyweight on it. You could always notice it when switching directions on the spin.
I would love to stumble onto an original again, I snap it right up.


Old school nintendo mario bros
(Maybe cause I am a plumber by trade)