Favorite types of autoflowers

Pretty much says it all in the title, just wondering everyone’s favorite strains of autoflower. Just finished my first grow with a northern lights auto, got 40 grams of beautiful fruity smelling bud, and was very pleased. I have 3 blueberry autos in a gorilla grow that are doing quite great, all like 3-4ft tall and in early flower. I have 5 auto beans left ( 3 NLA & 3 blueberry autos) so I’m a bit premature in thinking what seeds I wanna get next, but better early than late right?


I love Ak47. They grow great and very forgiving.

I’ve got 10 NL auto on hand and will be ordering some AK47 auto for my next grow
I’d like to grow 3 of each along with Cronic Widow clones from my current grow. All Robert’s seeds