Favorite top 5 movies


ohh yea,young frankenstien! who could forget mel @Laurap… history of the world!!! i forget the name of the star wars parody he did…let the shwartz be with you …ohh spaceballs was it’s name…


Absolutely two Kings of comedy! That’s was a funny one space balls. John Candy was in that too! @BIGE @Laurap


Super troopers , drop dead Fred, talladega nights😂, up in smoke. Sausage party


Jay and Silent Bob, Pineapple Express, How High, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and Dazed and Confused, I absolutely love these movies they are definitely my top favorites lol oh and super high me hahaha


All time favorite comedy is Reefer Madness, 1936, I think…well,it’s a comedy to me anyways…I think the description on satellite reads somthing like,young teens go from loud piano playing,to crazy dancing,to murder , all from smoking a doobie…1936…they probably had too much of that 3% thc I geuss…lmao


Alien, Close Encounters, Bad Santa, The Longest Day, Lincoln.


I wanna know what strain they were smokin


Nothe sure,but whatever it was hit em fast and hard.lol


Sling blade is a good movie. Too many to name.


Friday, Half Baked, How High, Terminator 1 and 2


Sometimes A Great Notion, The Godfather, Planet Of The Apes-original(new ones are pretty damn good), The Commitments, What Dreams May Come, East Of Eden, and of course the all-time classic Dumb and Dumber :laughing: