Favorite top 5 movies


Shawshank Redemption, Scarface, Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, Jaws.


How could I forget My Cousin Vinny???

And the best line ever: “I’ll be your Huckleberry”.


Or…“Make my day…”


All time favorite is Dances with Wolves. After that would be anything Clint Eastwood, Edie Murphy, Mel Gibson, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Cosner.


Oh, I love Sandra Bullock.


Forgot Dances with Wolves…


UnderWorld-Mad Max-Book of Eli-Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry-Vanishing Point (original)


My husband and I went on our first date in high school and saw Mad Max…how romantic huh?


aww thats so romantic! hahaha


Your husband sounds like me.
A perfect date night to me is Taco Tuesday, and a pat on the butt!



@bob31 Back in 1980 Mel Gibson was easy on the eyes and my husband had his bad boy image to uphold. It was a compromise.


We used to hit all of the drive ins! Good times, back in the day. lol @AnneBonny


@Rugar89 That’s too funny because we do Taco Tuesday at a place called California Taco. :taco:


we still have one or two around here…great memories at the old drive ins…lol


@bob31 Yup. The double features were the best. I think I saw Amityville Horror at the drive in. Now that was a creepy movie.


yep all of the creepy gorey movies were at the Drive Ins! @AnneBonny

My HS GF dragged me to the cinema to see Mahogany in like 75… The was the last chick flick for us… hahaha I fell asleep about half way through and she apparently took offense to it. lol. I still get a belly laugh thinking about it!


Up in Smoke, vision quest, casino, goodfellas, Hoosiers


Karate Kid, black stallion, red dawn, evil dead 2, flash gordan


has anyone mentioned a steve martan
movie??? i always enjoyed watching ‘‘the jerk’’ ,any fans?


Where’s Mel? Blazing saddles, young Frankenstein, arsenic & old lace, harvey and the shootist