Favorite top 5 movies


I really liked My Cousin Vinny too. When that lawyer started stuttering I had tears in my eyes from laughing. I have a friend that stutters like that.


Field of Dreams, Tombstone, Unforgiven, Inception, Master and Commander.


Usual Suspects, Braveheart, Gladiator, The Exorcist and drum roll please… Enter the fargin Dragon… Wooohoo


All good movies.


Wyatt E. Green M. Gladiator. Josey W. Every which way but loose. . .


Hard to pick just 5, but here are mine…

Super Troopers, Step Brothers, Kill Bill, Ace Ventura and Jay & Silent Bob


@Stonetothebone, Josey Wales was awesome , love when he tells the bounty hunter " dying is not much of a living"… That line is classic!


I don’t think old Clint Made a bad movie! @Stonetothebone @Zombo and Neither did the Duke!

Fargo, Caddy Shack, Full Metal Jacket, Pulp Fiction, Forest Gump And Shawshank Redemption would be my number 6 if we did 6. lol


Outsiders, Warriors, Scarface, The Birds, and either Original King Kong, or Original Planet of the Apes…

I could watch any of these anytime, that being said, lots of movies could make the list, I figure most peoples list will be of those they grew up with…


Yeah I use it often lol…


Only 5!
If I had to pick a few…
Saving private Ryan, The Longest Day, Hang Em High, Braveheart, Grandmas Boy.


From a female perspective: Last of the Mohegans, Gone With The Wind, Hope Floats, The Heat, The Blind Side


No way to pick 5 for all time, maybe top 5 John Wayne top 5 Clint Eastwood Top 5 Robert Mitchum top 5 Steve McQueen movies :movie_camera:
How about / Top 5 most watched movies ?
Big Jake , The Professionals , Two Lane Black Top , Easy Rider , The Blues Brothers , The Getaway
No wait that’s 6 and I left out Pulp Fiction, Bullitt , Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid and Quigley down under :flushed:
Wow! I left out The Wild Bunch and Thunder Road :scream:


@bob31 Bronco Billy and Play Misty for me :sneezing_face:


as I’m reading yours I could have added all of those to my top 5.

I just remembered another one that no one has mentioned

The Shinning

Jack Nicholson scared the living you know what outta me! lol


Columbo, Columbo,columbo, columbo and…columbo :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Easy Rider, The Godfather Epic, Good the Bad and the Ugly, all John Wayne movies


Well for me I guess Armageddon would top the list with the Original Die hard (Yippee Kiyay MFR was just a great line .) You’ve got mail ,Ghost , and Showboat


@bob31 yea The Shining is great :+1:
There are so many more, it’s like picking Which Harley tee shirt to wear from the hundreds in my closet :sunglasses:


Scent of a woman-Science of the lambs-Stars Wars (ep.IV)- Next of Kin- My Cousin Vinny