Favorite Music?


One last one before I go do chores.

The guitar solo is classic Beatles inspired
And Rachel Price hits it here

This live in studio format is great with home theater

I haven’t scoured you tube for new videos in a while
Its all Lake Street Dive heres one more.


Thanks for sharing they are some good jams bro
The girl in the last three videos has a nice voice brother I’ll be checking them out a bit more
:+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face: Have a great day doing chores I’m getting ready to do the same thing :+1:


My wife loves Chris Stapleton.
She is more into country music; although can get down to some funk/jazz/jamband stuff too.


Not sure why but today this one is stuck in my head. The catchy, jangly guitar riff I guess. Ahh 1985 in So Cal was a time and a place like no other for me.
Damming up a little section of Matilja Creek pulling stones from the creek bed to make a “wall” and then adding a layer of black plastic from the nursery to block the flow and make it go over. Just big enough for a few of us to sit down and be up to our necks in cool clear water.


A little something for the Jerry fans @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @Sl1 @Matthew420 @North_East_Newbie

I used to think my old Fender Twin was loud. It must be sooooo cool to play through a rig like that.


The Wall of Sound!


I first thought of “Blue Cheer” then “Back to the Future”…lol…But I am medicated…:wink:


That’s some version of Summertime Blues alright.

Totally unrelated to Blue Cheer or Master McFly but this one always gets me rockin


I know there are some sports & theatre ticket stubs in the mix but here is a good example of some of the music I like


I have a ozzy osbourne vinel album ( no rest for the wicked ) that has never been opened I looked up the bar code and it said no longer made and worth 175 bucks just this run of this one I know they still out there I had gotten 2 of them back in the 80ts


Been digging these guys lately.


Seeing them August 10th on a Boston concert cruise.
Reminds me of some bands I used to see back in the early 2000’s.
Simple & clean sound.

@Willd, let me know what you think…


As a product of the 80’s, raised by children of the 60’s, those decades of music take me back to my youth.

My favorite has always been alternative of all eras. Protest music of the 60s, Punk in the 70’s and 80’s. Grunge in the 90’s and good ol American Folk of all ages.

My go to bands are Cake (seen them too many times to count), Primus (Les Claypool is the best bassist nobody’s heard of), Mumford & Sons, King of Leon.

Right now really digging Beth Ditto, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Muse, Avett Brothers, and Belle Brigade.

Edit: since the Dublin Irish festival is near where I live, we can’t leave out Cbus’ Flogging Molly and their arch enemies Dropkick Murphys. You MA guys will take solace in the Dropkicks are better IMHO. Both great though.


I have seen flogging mollys and dropkick murphys…fun bands


Decided to wiegh in as well here
I can appreciate all music but being born in the early 70s im a bit more tuned to music from those times
I can give rap a listen but it’s just not my flavor
I can get into reggae tho
And my icon gives me away on my favorite band still listen to them every day :+1:
Nice icon @SilentHippie :v::v:️ CB


For those who haven’t seen this. Just plain fun!


@hillbilly103 ,The Outlaws "Green Grass and High Tides " may be my go to jam…its good,and pretty long…perfect for a road trip of any kind


This is my new favorite artist. He has a bunch of stuff and it is all good. Scott H Biram


Big CAKE fan here as well.


I like it. how were they?
Did he say Mike Olson in the beginning as in Lake Street Dive’s McDuck?


They were great!
Funky, jazzy, high energy.
Plus it’s hard to have bad time on a boat in Boston harbor.
I would see them again if they came around.