Favorite Music?


Every time i go and check on my girls this song keeps poping into my mind


ahh,i remember when they came here on that tour,pretty good act…i think they had ratt touring with them.lol


Thanks I needed some Motley Crue this morning


It’s kind of sad I’ve seen them eight times live and I think that’s the best I’ve ever heard Venice sound live


This is one of my faves from a different segment of the spectrum


I’m over my cadillac and moving on to better things and this proof’s it,lol


I’m surprised. No words?


I am a parrot head. Love my Jimmy Buffet.


Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People

Tribe Called Red


I love music, and really what I listen to varies by my mood. Cassic rock, reggae, classical, folk, metal, alternative, rap/hip hop, trance, dubstep…whatever.


YES!!! Love Rush. Neil is so good. I didn’t get into classic rock until I started smoking weed back in HS which was the early '90s.
Classic Rock
Old school country-jones,Jennings,Willie,Cash
90’s alternative
And recently I picked up blues. Mainly bc a good friend invites me to blues festivals he’s going to. Good times.
He called one day and told me he had a ticket to Joe Bonamassa but was sick and couldn’t make it and if I came in to town it was all mine. 6 hours later I was jamming out.

I know this is a cover but it jams!



Something chill for this morning


One of my favorites…


Default favorite bands are AC/DC and The Black Crowes
Followed closely by ZZ Top , The Outlaws, The Marshall Tucker band , Lynyrd Skynyrd , The Allman Brothers , Government Mule, Charlie Daniels band


those are some great bands @hillbilly103




We must be around the same age and started at the same time


I’m a musician whose played multiple instruments since age 7

I like the purity of stuff like this

I like the rawness of stuff like this

I like the manufactured sound of stuff like this as well

I was all Beatles, Stones, Zep, Rush, BÖC, etc clasic rock until 1979 when I received My Aim is True for my 16th birthday from my older sister. Within months I was a full fledged punk rocker.


Now I’m really NOT a fan of contemporary “country” but I’d be an idiot not to include this. Some of the best modern country music to come out of Nashville in DECADES. The country waltz is one of my favorite genres of real American music. Sadly I’ve sampled some of his studio work and just can’t stomach the production.

This first song is how I feel about MrsWillD every second of every day.

Tagging some music people.
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