Favorite Music?


Sound like me brother I still saved every single ticket stub from every concert I’ve ever been to and have seen most of the bands that you listed also that’s so awesome good times


I wasn’t that sentimental at the time, aaahhh, I have some regret about been that seely in my younger years , however, I was bless with a good long term memory, …,

:grinning: I was there, some where in the center front row, I even received some of the spit of the flute on me, Woow, just memorable thing that I cannot forget. … lol :wink: :innocent:


I hope this one works for all my friend at ILGM


you talk about old school Now this is old school






That was AWESOME!! what more can i say bbut PERFECT THANK YOU



Used to do this version with a guy everyone called Jim the Jerk. Eddie Cochran had nothing on these freaks!


This is my favorite performer at this point in my life. And yeah he was 12 years old at the time this was recorded.


and this

And Cory Henry, Michael League and crew of Snarky Puppy

I listen to and watch this whole list at least once a week if I can. It’s some of the most phenomenal musicianship I’ve ever witnessed.


Crosby Still Nash & Young. Austin City Limits; Live


I went to the show back in 96 I believe it was great times




I lov that drum setup F’n awesome. I rocked out for some time this morning. What a way to start the day

Thank You
my Friend


I know this cat has the help of other hand percussionists but this is some of the best drumming I can recall hearing in ages.

If it’s too “fusiony” you can skip ahead to where it really gets going



Here’s my favorite we grew up in the same town drummer for two Danny Carey


Great music guys and thanks for the sweet and deliciously eclectic tunes.

Anyone dig blues?

My bassist told me of these “new” guys which caused me to quickly restring my beloved, beat up, old yellow tele as the girlfriend rolled her eyes and said “so we aren’t going dancing tonight are we…?”

Blues Beatles doing “Yesterday”


Here’s one i was jam’n to this morning if i can get it to work lol




If I could i’d give it 50 likes right now…that was right up mt alley.
Thanks so much got my jucies a going…lmao



It’s a good thing to get the juices flowing in or smoking or how are you like your juice drink it maybe