Favorite Music?


https://youtu.be/86zEObmr4MU Something to play very loud if you want to annoy your neighbors/ partner/cat (especially)


Don’t forget me my friend


This is more up my Allie



:joy: Thanks dude lol


Lol :sweat_smile:, just corrected the miss :wink::grinning:



There’s just way too much good music out there what can I say this song is so much fun to play and sing on the guitar both songs lol


I agree my friend :grinning:, heavy metal is not my preference, however, time to time, for exuting my self, lol, I prefer song writer like Neil Young :wink: I am an Older man today, lol :wink: :innocent:


I’m in my mid 40s and I still can’t grow out of that shit drives my wife crazy hell I still even go to their concert but I grew up going to Grateful Dead concerts and Neil Young Alison Krauss Robert Plant man I can go on and on


I have been thinking of doing one of those virtual share and add a part experiment. The problem is logistics. Everyone would have to use Audacity or something so I could master the tracks, or remove them, etc… :smiley:


Ô my, that’s a great idea @latewood, Audacity is a great free logiciel, every one could use it :grinning:


Yeah , I am just a little bit older than you my friend :grinning: , I am 49 today, so me too I have went to sooo many concert, that it’s difficult remember all, however, I saw Pink Floyd twice , Peter Gabriel twice, Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson solo at least 6 times, I saw Rush, I saw Genesis, I saw Supertramp, I saw April Wine , I saw Neil Young and plenty of festival with all kind of musics and Québec artistes, man as you can tell, I am a great music lover too, I even sing and play a little bit of guitare :grinning::wink: @Hogmaster


did I mention? i’m a big fan of Neil Young? !!!

LOL I can listen to his music all day long!


Oh to be on…Sugar Mountain


Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain
With the barkers and the colored balloons,
You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain
Though you’re thinking that
you’re leaving there too soon,
You’re leaving there too soon.


Did you see Genesis with Gabriel? I saw Gabriel and I saw Genesis, but not together. But I saw the Musical Box from…Canada. Close enough.


TJC3 featuring WillD on guitar


The Headcutters feat.Willd on guitar - Miller’s Cave


Unfortunately, I did not, was too young :wink:But hey, I do have the album of Genesis live recorded at Montréal, Québec, Canada , it’s a rare bootleg, so , :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:, lol :wink: :innocent:

Peter Gabriel is my main voice influence… Some of my Jam Session buddy say that some time, I do sound like him, some times… lol :wink: :innocent: