Favorite Music?


The list does go on and on back then. So much better than today’s music, IMO.


I wouldn’t say so much better I’d say 100% better than music today I cannot name you a new band from today I agree with your opinion


Early 90s music’s about as close to now that I’ll listen to



Def still some good stuff around. I just lean towards the hippie era :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’ve turned on the radio and I don’t know how long I have close to 50,000 songs on my computer and over 15,000 movies all on my 5 TB hard drive I love music I have at least 10,000 records and over 15 to 20,000 CDs


Played in a band for many many years hit the local circuit for 10 years back in the 90s


Cool man. The people here could put together an awesome band I bet.


I know @latewood he is one hell of a guitar player


My other passion is



Right on man!




Where are your vids posted?




Wow, You’re good man!


I lov music brother



Did you see this video I posted? The drummer is pretty good for being like 15 years old.


Wow, John Bonham Led Zeppelin :+1:

Here’s Neil Peart , YYZ from Rush

Enjoy my friends @garrigan62 and @Matthew420 and @Hogmaster😉


That’s REAL old school! But great.


Damn! That looks like a a Ginger Baker setup!