Favorite Music?


I used to work with a guy who was a navigator on a fighter bomber in Nam…the stories he told! Anyway, he was from Seattle, a bit older than me, so finally I got up the nerve to ask something that had been bothering me for awhile…“did you know Jimi Hendrix?” “Sure”, he said, “his dad was our families gardener.” I felt as if I had ALMOST met god (god, rather, Jimi was gone by than). He said Jimi used to come home from the army and just jam all day in his garage with whoever wanted to play. They knew each other but not real well, didn’t go to the same schools, but DAMN!


Wow thanks a great story
I would have love to experience something like that
Too dam cool
Good afternoon or is it evening now for you @DieHigh55


It’s my favorite time of day…wine o’clock! The clock is striking now…BONG BONG**BONG


Yeah, this guy worked a jack hammer all day, he was a bit warped but I loved his stories.


Great story. Thanks for sharing. Hendrix was amazing. His performance at Woodstock is world renowned!


I am one of those people that like all types of music…I really do. But if i had to pick some of my favorites…70’s Elton John (madman across the water, Levon, Rotten Peaches etc), Pink Floyd, America, Hall and Oates (sarah smile), the list can go on and on and on…Music is one of my most favorite things. I think I have a favorite for every mood I’m in.


Slayer to the greatful dead (seen 3 times live ) my plants love system of a down lol


Kiri… time to work!!!


Now let’s get this party started…hell ya rock on



lets hear if you like this or not


That’s great man! :+1::+1:


https://youtu.be/pIaG8a9ACYY Politicians!


To all my friends out there at ILGM " THIS ONE IS FOR YOU



@garrigan62 Dude I remember the day that song came out with and seen them live like three days later back in the 90s great band Billy Corrigan is bad ass thank you



Figured I’d go old-school


I’m 60’S and early 70’s junkie!

Had this cranking out earlier…


You can’t go wrong there either


I loved the Doors growing up. Mr. Mojo Risen was the man! lol


Hell man and that’s all I listen to anymore or is the doors the animals the grateful dead I can go on and on and on