Favorite Music?


Looks perfect! Very nice.

Are the yellow cards sticky? Pest checking?


Thanks, yeah you should pick up some they let you know if you’ve got gnats and what else plus the color attracts them and helps keep their numbers down

The best thing you can do for all bugs in general is put a fan on the floor. I use a 9-inch high-velocity set on low and it’s always on and I haven’t had a single fungus gnat in months


I have a fan to run below the canopy and one for above. Hopefully, that does it. I’m gonna order some of those, I can’t imagine they cost much.

Side note I added a 4" intake fan which vents into the tent right at my oscillating fan. I can keep temp and humidity dead nuts where ever I want. Keeping it at 75 with RH of 50


That’s a good thing! I have a 6" 220 cfm can-fan type on mine but I’ve only run it in the hottest of summer to draw in the AC


Yeah I caught a bunch of shows that last tour so that was cool I think we where all at the same show lmao guys @Paranorman @Matthew420
I tell you want I don’t cry much but the day Jerry died I did :cry::sob:
And yeah they are masters at sucking you into a song they got me coming out of space every show lmfao I mean it wasn’t like I was tripping on acid or anything lmfao​:roll_eyes::smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:
Good times my friend good times :sunglasses::v:️️


So seeing we are talking music. Does anyone play? I mess around with the guitar electric and acoustic. I played bass for years when an exfriend and I were trying to start a band. That didn’t work out to well so ended up selling my bass rig. Always enjoyed playing my acoustic.




Just bought new strings for my acoustic Gibson Epiphone


This is my song of the day right here…

Midnight tonight - free the weed in Massachusetts! :upside_down:


I had an American Tele and a Yamaha electric grand piano. Couldn’t play either. LOL


I have a semi hollow body tele which is a japans model but plays nice. My acoustic is a guild American made! I cant play well but my wife and daughter think I am good and that is all that matters.


I hear ya man. I learned 1/2 a Taylor Swift song on the piano for my daughter. The things we do for those we love.


yay I still haven’t learned a song and have been playing for over 10 years. I play whatever I make it up. I have a few songs that I have come up with mainly just riffs.


I listen lots of different music these days…pretty much what ever comes on the radio.

Here are list of bands I really like… the 1st one I think is the difference between people born in the early 70’s to the people born in the late 70’s
Nirvana for the late 70’s compared to Pink Floyd for the people born in the early 70’s. I was born in 78.

Rob Zombie
Johnny Cash
The list can go on n on


:slight_smile: that’s quite the list. I’m a 60’s baby.


I have a stereo that enjoys playing Ozric Tentacles, Quantom Fantay, Gazpacho, Gentle Giant, Hendrix, Moodies…


Yeah I know old post…

Child of the 70s so any 70s rock. Disco still sucks.

Glen Campbell, when I’m flying mellow

Johnny Cash… Willie Waylon and the boys

Skynard! The Who!

So many great bands that have come and gone!


Woo hoo going old school country on me @bob31
Love it bro :+1:


funny I can remember when I was in the army 1978 down in TN and there was a guy in my unit wore a cowboy hat and carried a guitar around. One night I bought two bottles of JD and we had a jam session down in the day room (do they still have them?) anyway he was playing David Allen Coe songs. And then Willie Nelson. I have been ruined ever since!

My dad was a Glen Campbell fan and I think of Dad and home every time I hear Wichita Lineman on the radio


They still had day rooms when I was in back in 89 today it’s probably call a media room or something lol