Favorite Music?


I think I remember seeing you now that you mention it. LOL


LOL that wasn’t me I was never there LMAO

It’s good that you got to see Jerry!


Ah, just someone who looks like you I guess. haha.
Me too. And of course it was still the old garden back then.


I know it that was the last band to play there and like a couple days later they closed it down and tore it down I remember that show vividly oddly enough it’s one of the few that I do

I’ve been to one concert at the new garden and I’ll never go again I’ve never heard worse Acoustics in my life it’s like throwing your money down a hole

I could bang on a metal garbage can with a shaved * nematode and have better sound


Yeah, it’s not the same anymore. I don’t remember much from that long ago. lol


Actually there’s been clones available since at least a couple years for MMJ patients


I know, I’m pretty excited too. Tomorrow! Woot! Aww, bummer but he can buy at least


I honestly never thought I’d see the day. I can’t believe it still.


There are already ad’s on craigslist for clones. Donations of money of course, they’re not really selling it lol.

Although the law says you can’t advertise and I think that would be.


After I get a couple grows under my belt maybe we can trade some clone strains. Pretty local.


Well right now I’m growing incredible bulk and 8-Ball Kush ( I’m probably keeping all my 8-ball clones LOL thats a big fave! I’m going to do a whole garden of those! )

I’ve got some hash bomb and some Afghani gold coming, both are hash plant variations

What do you see yourself growing after White Widow?


Not sure, I’d have to do a little browsing of the catalog. The purple stuff intrigues me.


It’s best to grow colored strains in the cold weather because most of them you have to lower temperatures for a few weeks at the end of flowering to make them change color


I think my next purchase from ilgm will be Girl Scout cookie and green crack


Ah, ok. I’ll probably ask your advise when I’m ready for my next grow.


Ok, well I would seriously advise you to lower the temperature LOL!

I dropped the temperatures on some OG Kush just for fun recently, I mean I let it go into the fifties ! …the leaves turn purple but the bud stayed that fluorescent green that the kush likes to be

They have a strain called Crystal that looks tasty as well and I keep hearing good things about gold leaf, if he had a smaller amount available I would purchase that too

You’ll like ilgm seeds I had four white widows growing when I broke my leg this spring and all four of them were abused and neglected for a while but one of them still gave me about 6 ounces


I don’t even think I could get my basement that cold.

I got the WW because it said it was forgiving. Figured it was a safe way to go for the first time using this set up and growing in many many years.


I have no likes left. Just know I like all your stuff :+1:


LOL well Shucks thanks I like a lot of things today too …I’m in a really good mood, I can’t wait for midnight


When I finally get my whole garden of 8 Ball Kush going I’ll have some clones you might like, that strain is some stony weed!

…it’s supposed to be an easy to moderate strain to grow but I think it’s kind of tricky, it’s kind of a fussy girl