Favorite Music?


Here’s a clip from a cable access show out of RI one of the bands I was in appeared on in 2011.
I ffwd to my solo


Tap your foot!

There is a drummer😀

Other than that constructive comment pi really enjoyed your solo


good show @Willd


Been a while since a post on this topic so here goes.
How I feel about weed

The original Carpenter’s version of this song can’t hold a candle to hers.


So I hear some more great B3 music playing out of my jazzradio app and check to see who it is. It’s Akiko Tsuruga again


@Willd did you ever check out Gil Scott Heron?

His antagonistic approach to music is starrkly uncompromising


He had a voice and a lot to say. His poetry is art in it’s own right. I truly prefer instrumental music though.


So @Willd mek mi beat some chune and teach you bout real music

Now when you play this take your stereo off the rock setting this needs some bass speakersszzzzzz.!!!


Ain’t nothing like a B3… :crossed_swords:


My favorite music is… ROCK!
Foo Fighters
Red Hot Chili Peppers


You’re aware that ALL reggae originated from Millie Small’s hit “My Boy Lollypop” and didn’t even exist until at least 1964 right?
I’ve got Trojan box sets in my iTunes that I listen to all the time. everything from the very roots of ska to extreme dub.
Here’s something.


Yes 1954 she was being managed by bob marleys manager Chris Blackwell sold 6 million copies it was all over from there.

Funny story how he changed from a life of movies working on the James Bond set to music when rastas save some him from crashing into a coral reef.
That and his fortune teller lol

But you didn’t respond to my post, did you get far enough to hear the carpenters line?
I was hoping you would have an “oh snap!” Type moment when you heard the conn connection


I heard it immediately. I have a thing for more upbeat tunes I think. I really prefer listening to original instrumental Jazz over most other genres. Improvisation and all that.


Cool just checking I like everything except for arrogant music


I really love rock music, especially the classic one. :smiley:


Here’s one I listen to all the time


Well it’s been a while since a post
I like this when I feel mellow


My favorite.