Favorite Music?


We’ve hit all kinds of topics in the last couple days. We have hobbies, gadgets,cooking, cars, and stuff I’m forgetting - well, because I smoke weed. I haven’t seen anyone talk about music.

Here goes. Fav bands with a sample (mostly in order)

The Doors

The Dead

Dave Matthews

Jack Johnson

Joss Stone

Any reggae music of course


I pretty sure you can tell my favorite band lol


For sure! :+1:


I like all kinds well maybe I should say that differently. I like most kinds but will give anyone a listen. If they are something I am not into I turn the station. I do however found myself listening to Jimi Hendrix and then the Ramons or some metal back to the allmen brothers kind of all over the place.


I like all those!


the transition between Not Fade Away and Going Down the Road gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it!


For the none Dead fans, the transition is about 3:30 - 5:00. Naver fails, goosebumps again. Jerry’s guitar howling completely sucks me in.


i hear you brother I love the live stuff listen almost every day while on train commuting
Miss seeing them live but that’s life right
Anyway time for me to crash
so peace bro :v:


Saw his last show at the Boston Garden, I’m just glad I got one in. I don’t dig on crowds much but there was nothing but love, weed and acid in the air. All good for sure!


Never saw the dead but seen a lot of phish shows. Spent the turn of millennium at 3 day phish show in Florida. It was sweet!



Love them to. Warehouse is a cool song


Pink Floyd. No question


Yeah man! I guess I left a lot off my list :+1:


Yeah that’s a Great bunch of music , I Finally got my friend to put a bunch of stuff on a thumb drive for me from his Massive collection, I got the Zappa does Zappa from Dweezil Zappa, my God, that kid is as Brilliant as his father, live concert footage etc. Fantastic musicians performing Franks music, very Wow is all I can say when you watch it.


Those look like some fine choices ! Did you ever get a chance to see the dead ?
(with Jerry, of course)

One of my favs were the Ramones

20-20-24 hours to go, I wanna be le-gal-ized!


Saw their last show at the Garden before he passed. So glad I had the chance to see them.


Awesome! :+1:


I’m pretty sure I was there I in fact I know I was, I didn’t miss too many shows in the Northeast and none in New England, they did Samson and Delilah on the next to last night


LOL, we were probably at the same show