Fathers Day She Broke Through


she is in FFOF should I move to Black Gold seedling soil?

No, I’d leave her be. You’d probably do more damage attempting to transplant a seedling so young than the soil will do. Just don’t feed at all in that soil, water only for now.


thank you I appreciate your feedback


Transferred and planted 3 that soaked 2 days All Skywalker O G Auto got from friend waiting on WW if all these take that will be my next grow. Wanted to do just one or two to start learning. we’ll see what happens.


She seems to have survived the transplant from FFOF to Black Gold seedling soil. My game plan is to move to 5 gallon cloth pot.

This is what I am going to try any suggestions?


That living soil stuff looks awesome. Nice start. Let the green growth begin!


How much and where would you recommend the perlite? Have a while to put together pot. Got email WW Autos will be here Thursday. Have 20 coming. Best way to store? Should I just leave in package and keep cool?

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You have enough definitely. Like 70/30 soil/perlite. Im a fan of all the drainage u can get

Fantastic thank you very much. friend recommended this live soil said when roots get to it plants will explode he said I would notice a big change in growth and health. Time will tell. Thank you for the help and well wishes.

Yup. I advocate living soils and supers. Also look into Mykos. There’s a brand by that name and another called recharge. Uber helpful for maintaining a beneficial bacteria factory

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Thanks will do if I get another seedling I will try another product to try to compare. Hoping another breaks ground. If not will try with WW.

No problem. Im set to watching now tho. So anytime u need me just @ purp me

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3 days old still alive. Planted in dry Black Gold seedling soil 1/2 “ deep give 10 sprays 2x daily is that enough water?


Could you please look at above post @PurpNGold74

Might be a tad too much. But sufficient. Is it dry in your environment? I sprayed a few times then dome at lights on. N remove dome n spray again 2-3 hours before lights out


Yes it’s dry and I will dome her thank you humility in tent 47 temp 81


Well by all means spray her tail down. Just be wary of soaking her stem (dampening off)

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