Fat marijuana leaves


I was wondering about the leaves on the two plants on the right. I have
never seen such fat leaves. As the one on the left has normal long
skinny 5 finger leaves. The strain on the right is carmelicous. Any
answers to this question?


Leaves will be either fat or skinny and because of the huge mixture of strains out there, every strain could go either way. Those fatty’s will stretch out a bit as they grow. They’re looking pretty, just the way they are.


Carmelicous are about 65% Indica and 35% Sativa,The Indica usually have fatter leaves by trait.Nice plants,what strain is the plant on the left?


I have personally seen leaves on a seedling or smaller plant that starts out with super fat indica like leaves, but when the plant gets a couple of feet tall and more mature, have all the new leaves become super thin 7 to 9 fingered sativa like leaves. The plant may show varying signs of its inheritance, its genetic lineage, throughout the life-cycle.


Hey there. The strain on the left is white queen. It didn’t grow for me at first and I had no seeds left. I managed to get a very small cutting off the failing ones and clones it. This plant on the left is the result. It worked for me.