Fat and juicy with more time!

I wanted to show off my girls! From fast buds… 3 strains said to be there xxl category. Organic autos. They probebly have 3 more weeks at least! No fade and they are already getting very large. Enjoy



Beautiful. Nice work.


9 plants in five gallon under best Marshydro light with supp. Uv ir bar and using foop nutrients with nature’s living soil internal and topical amendments with biochar , reverse osmosis water , they feed ever 48 hours on 20 hours of light a day.

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I used half sohum soil and half happy frog with 10 pound nature’s living soil supp. Auto flower internal activator.

I can throw the nugs like a wet noodle and they stick. … I swear

These are beautiful ladies. Wow, I wish i could have all mine look like that. Just started using Sohum.


Outstanding!! They are gorgeous ladies!!

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Nice work there beauty’s :v:

Drip city! This is getting crazy and zero fade, so these ladies are going to get very phat and juicy!

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The snizzle mknizzlez these are getting nazty

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