Fat and Bushy - Should I Trim?

I am seeking advice whether trim back some of these OG Kush girls. They are starting their 6th week. They’re awfully bush and not very tall-about 13-14 in . I have experimented with fimming and topping as well as bending. They’re in a 2x4 tent. Any suggestions if I should give them a clean up trim. Lots of growth under all those fan leave. I appreciate your suggestions. @Cannabian @OldTimeRockAndGrow @Chong420! image|375x500


I would leave it alone.
Many trim or defoliate (lollipop) beneath the net at flower time with the idea more energy will go into the buds. I trim less now than I had in the past. Not a big fan since the leaves give energy via photosynthesis. Also trimming might slow progress in your plant while it adjusts.
It may well increase yields a bit if you trim, but I do well without it.
Having the light close to the plant will cause it to have just little distance between inter-nodes. Not a big deal. When you see it going this way raise the lights a bit. Over time you get a feel for it.

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In my opinion (I’m a newbie) I would trim a couple of the big fan leaves and see what that does. If she handles well take a couple more KEY fan leaves to get the light to the bud sites. Always only take a couple at a time and make them count! Just my 2 cents.


Let her grow but if you want you can take out the top.

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Thanks for responses. I ll leave her be for now. Can I take cutting for clones around weeks 7-8? This is wk 6 now.

Another question: I have them in a 2x2x4 tent Should I love them to my 32”/32”/63 where I currently have several seedlings in? It’s a little more space
Thanks for your time

If youre planning on scrogging, that netting is too loose and the openings too large.

If it were me, Id do the net propper, fim, then start tucking the stems as they grow up. When the net is 75% full Id flip to 12/12, then slowly begin removing leaves below the canopy.

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Should I move them to the larger tent? I’ve fimmed about a week n 1/2 ago. Should I continue fimming?

If youve already fimmed, just let them be.

Why move to a larger tent, if youre scrogging?

I’m having difficulty getting a good tight scrog net. I’m using twisty ties Wire from a spool. Not staying tight.

I use 1/2" PVC to make a frame and drill 2x4" holes around the perimeter. I use cotton clothes line to string the net. The clothes line is soft and will not damage the stems. It is also way strong. The net does not have to be super tight. In fact. a bit looser is better. A little flexibility helps gently tuck under stems. It is a pain in the back side to make these nets, but they are cheap and infinitely reusable.
Make the nets customer for any size tent you have. For my 8x4’ tent my net is 7.5x3’

I don’t glue up these PVC frames either. I can reuse parts for other projects if I choose and have when changing tents etc.

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I MacGyverred one!
I put it over the larger flimsier one. I did managed to tighten finally. Zip ties!

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Right, and when its time to harvest, simply take a pair of scissors and cut the lines.


Since my net can raised or lowered. Couldn’t I just push down the net at harvest?. The net would be below the final buds at the stems. Don’t want destroy my work!

Usually with all the tucking and bending the net won’t move too much without cutting the lines. I used to cut/untangle the lines the day before harvesting. Just to make it easier in the dark.

Was doing some bending and snapped two branches lastnight ! Tried taping but they didn’t make it. Do you re string a new net every time?

I had my scrog set up so the entire net could easily slip off and be reused. But, paracord isnt that expensive.