Fastest Auto OG Kush grow time


Excellent information. I am familiar with Z7 but barely. I thought it was only available in Canada but it’s the opposite. It sounds perfect for DWC. My little rDWC has a chiller so I can keep my temps dialed in but I would still use an additive like z7. I figured yours tent must be a 4X4 to hold all of that. I get what you mean about 2 plants leaving too much unused space as that’s what I have in my 3X3 this grow and I have the same issues that you mentioned. My OG K from ilgm should finish in 3 weeks and then my mephisto Sour Crack can have the the tent to herself. She is growing very fast and appears to be a larger pheno of that strain. My OG K in the autopot got messed up and I still don’t know what happened. The next ilgm OG K that I grow will be in my DWC for sure. Out of all my grows with no issues (except a bout of fungus gnats), the OG K is my first problem grow. I think from what I read in the infirmary section of the afn forum that it was a K issue. I hope to see you over at afn also. It’s a great bunch and you would be most welcome there, I am sure.


Final take on both 814g dried. I will keep trying to convince ppl to use legit LEDs. I see so many on forums and such asking about a “1000w” amazon led and if it’s good. The world may never know what amazing leds are out there if they keep buying the ones with falsely advertised wattages.


That is amazing! 1.8lb! You are so right about the new LED lights being made. The old idiom “cheap is not good and good is not cheap” is so true. The costs associated with newer technology always goes down with time and so it will be with LED lights. With LED lights the paradigm has shifted and the parameter of watts needs to be less dominant and more emphasis should be placed on PAR, imo. Kudos to you for such excellent success. This strain is not even for such great results but rather for lower yields.