Fastest Auto OG Kush grow time


I just use the drops to check ph. I don’t trust my meter anymore. It did me wrong twice. I try to get it about 5.5 in the res. Or just a little orange with the drops. That way it floats up by the time they drink it. Seems to be working better than trying to adjust each plant every few days.


I only take off maybe 10-15 leaves from underneath every other day. There have been a couple trims that were pretty heavy. But no more than 15-20% of the total plant. I’ve noticed small shoots coming off the secondary stems that are trying to form tiny flowers under the canopy. They are very thin and light. And seem to just clutter up the underside restricting airflow and making it a tangled mess of not upkept. I’ve been removing them since about day 45. If it was just the one plant in the tent I would probably leave them and try to stretch out the side branches to make room. But space is filling quick.
Good luck with your move.


I again appreciate the trim info. That’s pretty much what I had in mind. I hope mine blows up like yours. Genetically, it should. It’s going to come down to nurture vs nature. Will my missteps be stronger than her genetics? Hmmm…


That’s a big auto flower ? From ilgm ?


Yes. ILGM og kush auto.


So I took the net off. It was pissing me off to work around. And the plant is standing and spreading fine on its own. I think I added it too late to get the proper training anyway. Day 66 here


I am loving the autopot, it’s just that this is my first auto grow and my first autopot grow and from now on I plan to only do one first at a time and not 2 or more.
The challenge has been the auto plant itself as it’s a little more finicky than, say, the og kush photo that this auto was bred from. I just finished the ilgm og kush photo and it was smooth sailing from start to finish for me.
That’s okay tho, she is really going strong. I have some T5 side lighting going and she is really liking it.


Day 77. I added the 4 cobs back in with this about 8 days ago bc my other plant turned male. I cut nutes to about 2/3 strength and cleared a ton of leaves from under the larger one about 3 days ago. They have a ton of cloudy trikes but still gaining thickness. So I’m thinking a week or two till flush. They are also taking in less water.


Thanks for the post BB. I was just looking at your last pics last night and wondering what they were doing now. Perfect.
My girl is going strong and has rebounded from my earlier abuse. I started thinking about when she would be done and realized that I could squeeze another girl if she was a fast grower so I popped another bean and she is off and running, so my OG Kush has a little sister now, a Mephisto Sour Crack which should finish about the same time.
If my OG K looks like your girls I will be a happy grower. What is the wattage of the 4 COBs each and at what distance from the canopy?
I really appreciate this BB.


I have the 4 cobs on a 200w driver. So at full power it should be about 50w each. But I have them at about 60%. I raised the light about 6” when I added the cobs in to compensate for the extra. I’d guess about 36” from light to canopy but I can give you true measure later.


The ladies are looking lovely. That right one is swelling nicely! Well done


I am pretty sure that the photo that this OG Kush is bred from has a tendency to hermie. Out of my last grow, which was OG K photos, I ended up with about 5 seeds out of 5oz. I am pretty sure ilgm mentions the OGK hermie tendencies somewhere on their site.


Day 86 from germ.
Something went wrong earlier this week. Either K deficiency or too much calcium in my tap. 24 hour flush and new feed about 4 days ago. They seem to be doing ok. Just stunted a few days. If someone is feeding these things perfectly the entire time… I would be amazed of how big they could get. They are always hungry but I wouldn’t go above 1000ppm for this size. Running about 900ppm Is doing good. I definitely underestimated the maturity time. Maybe 100 days?idk? Right side one seems further along. Oh… about the male plant… it was just a bag seed that I started for fun. Not one of these.


Damn your girls look so good. The way I figure, theoretically, you are about 4 weeks ahead of me and I am really starting to wish I had run my DWC. Whenever I have had any lockout or such I do a 24 hour flush also and it seems to reset like you say. I have quite a few bud sites but she is only about to finish her third week and that’s not counting a week of transition. I hope my girl is looking somewhat as good as your girls but your girls sure are photogenic.
I have some Mega Crop, Sweet Bud and Bud Explosion coming from Greenleaf Nutrients and I am pretty excited. It is pretty popular with the AFN crowd. You ever go there? AFN? A lot of good info there.
BB, I really appreciate the updates on your grow. Maybe not so much of a roadmap for me but more of an aspiration and hope that I can wish for. I know I would be one proud daddy if my little girl grows up to look like your’s.


I’ve never visited AFN till just now. Looks to be good info there too. I’m waiting on a water quality report before I get a filter system. I’m tired of guessing what’s the 250ppm out if the tap is made of. I was told that certain nearby areas have 11 times the amount of normal calcium. Excess calcium can lock out other critical nutes. Maybe I should just go RO. But I hate to waste so much water with that kind of system. Using distilled is nice for the first month or so. But I’d be throwing away so many plastic jugs if I tried to use it the whole grow. When they are feeding properly the res is dropping 5gal a day. I need to make a decision soon bc the water content uncertainty is giving me unnecessary difficulties that could be avoided with a simple filter. I’m over here trying to replicate the sunlight indoors and slacking on water quality. Smh at myself.
I appreciate the compliments and will keep you posted on these. These few issues I’ve had may be slowing growth down at certain stages. But I’m not really sure. I have nothing to compare the performance to. But in general I’m super happy with these genetics and how they perform.


Dang them babies look good! Good luck with it! hope you reap big time!


Yup i agree with the consensus here. Ur girls look friggin gorgeous. Bet its FUNKY


Harvested the small on at day 95 and the larger at about day 100. Small one is trimmed and dried and got about 10oz dry. The larger one will be a little more.


WOW! The density is incredible. There was no mold? 10oz dry is tremendous. I really wish that I had used my DWC. What size tent did you use? I really appreciate the update on the finish date and I marvel at what I aspire to. I have 4 more ILGM OG Kush auto seeds and I will use your grow as my target. I would be ecstatic with results like yours. You should be over at AFN and get in some grow battles with results like these.


I found two large colas from the small plant that had mold in the middle. They were very very dense and smelled funny when started drying. I happened to spot it early on so hopefully none of the others were affected. I have a feeling it was a combination of things. 1.not enough airflow to the buds that were growing up against the wall. And 2. I had a humidity spike right before harvest when I forgot to drain the dehumidifier. I’m super happy and thankful that’s all there was. After that I throughly examined each cola. And was cutting them right in half to check. I lost maybe 10g. I threw out anything within a few inches of the area. They were bushing out so much it was hard for both to fit in the 4x4. The small one matured slightly faster so I decided to harvest first. Which I believe helped with airflow and late flower humidity around the buds of the larger plant. The larger one was a slightly different pheno where the buds where more airy which helped with mold prevention I’m sure. I believe the lights were the supercharger to this grow. I was at about 720w max for about 3 weeks before flush. The last week I used filtered tap with z7 and sour-dee and a tiny amount of epsom. Also turned the lights down to about 450w. There was a hay smell the first week of drying that’s seems to fade almost completely by day 14 or so. Not a ton of flavor but the smell is stout sweet and sour. Yields and potency are top notch. I guess that’s the trade off with DWC.
A couple things I would do different.

  1. Reduce my nutes by about 20% for the early and mid flower. I had some slight burning from over feeding that affected a lot of the top cola sugar leaves. They never really recovered from that and the leaf edges were crispy. 800ppm max in the res along with adding orca, sour-dee, and Z7 to float bucket every few days. Z7 claims to increase uptake and I believe it. Using z7 I never had to worry about water temp. Tent was up around 80-84f most of flower with no issues. But also this is not a recirculating system. Just an external res with a float controller bucket. Keeping the water level the same always is key. Fluctuations caused a bit of root rot early on for some vegetable plants so float bucket was absolutely needed.
  2. Add another small fan or two.
  3. Keep up a little better off on defol. The larger plant got a lot more attn in this area and I believe it helped promote more growth. I would for sure recommend LST and massive underside defol throughout the grow. Keeping about an 8” canopy seemed ideal for the conditions and lights. There’s is so much photon density from these leds it wants to grow a 20” canopy. But that may be asking for trouble with the bushiness. IDK maybe a good experiment if I could have got more early on stretch.
  4. Only do 1plant or 4 plants in 4x4. Two is awkward. They grow into each other and the walls with a lot of open space in the other two corners. Nice to be able to move around. But not taking full advantage of the space.
    I rambled enough.
    I hope yours are doing well and look forward to your autopot report.