Fastest Auto OG Kush grow time


:joy::joy::joy::joy: well said. N autos are cool. I just had sht luck/skill with them. They were eaten by rodents, overwaterd, n dropped. But ima better grower for each failure.

Killd like 9-10 seeds in a month or two this past summer/fall


I know that I have read that they can be a lot trickier to grow than photos so that does not surprise me. Have you ever tried Mephisto Genetics?


Nah but the seem solid. Fast Buds. Memphis. Dutch Pasion (sometimes) all are pretty reputable auto pushers


the real criminals wear suits/ ties and carry brief cases and hide behind fancy titles.


You definitely won’t be disappointed with the cobs. That’s perfect for a 2x4.
The og autos are on day 50. Added 2.5g calcium nitrate to each. The we’re looking a little yellow. And ph was a bit high. I added a stronger air pump a few days ago. I’m surprised how much it raises ph daily. Also been removing a few lower leaves a day. Ones that aren’t close to bud sites. They seem to love the new lights. Also some leg extensions on for the net frame. It was definitely going to be too low.


Wow! They are lush. I look forward to growing these autos in my DWC. What is your light schedule?


Update pics


Looking good bro. Did you say net? I think its time you added it! Gonna have hell tucking all that as they harden


I’m running 20-4 on the lights. And I’ve been turning the chilled pucks up about 25w every other day. Currently at 425w.
Yours is looking sweet. Coming along nicely.


Yes. I’m going to scrog them this weekend when I get the bag seed plant out into a veg tent. These things are growing crazy fast. About 5” over the last week so yea definitely gotta get the net on there soon.


I am sure that you have probably heard about pH stable lines like AN but I will share with you the line that I have had good experiences with that is also pH stable. Check out Cultured solutions. Very well respected brand that is the nutrient line from the people that are also makers of Current Culture Under Current RDWC systems that are very impressive equipment out of California.
I hyper-aerate my dwc grows and when you do that you can use less than half the nutrients because DO/nutrient uptake is greater and I feed as per their hyper aerate feed schedule.
They say less is more. How many nutrient maker/sellers have you ever heard say that? Yeah, first time for me, also.


63 days. Lights at full 600w. I had to reduce nitrogen a little. They were getting too dark green for comfort. I can’t believe how big they are still getting. 4th week of flower.


Thank you very much. So at 64 days and being in the 4th week of flower then I am doing the math so flower started about week 6 after 5 weeks of veg? I figure that I just finished week 5 and sense the transition to flower week is happening. What ppm are you averaging?

I have had either some def maybe cal/mag with some light bleaching so I wish mine were greener.

This is my first auto grow but my last photo grow was the og kush that this auto was bred from and it went pretty smooth other than an early dreaded fungus gnat problem.

Your plants are beautiful. I would be one proud daddy if my little girl ended up looking like yours has.

I see you are in DWC. I wish that I had run mine. I am trying an autopot for the first time and while it seems to be dialed in watching the pH/EC,ppm/temp on a bluelab and checking the tray pH with everything steady. Should have stuck with one first and not two at the same time.


@puffer1958 LOL, I hear you man, got the same issue with my wife.


Yes. It’s started preflower about 35 days.
My feeding ppm is about 900. They are eating 5 gallons a day. But I’m sure some of that water is being evaporated through the clay pebbles. I’ve had to run a dehumidifier. RH got up to 87.


I’ve also been clearing out undergrowth every couple days on the larger one. It’s got about 6-8” thick canopy and side growth. The one on the right isn’t as bushy but has thicker flowers. I’ve got the lower 8” or so cleared out on that one.

Here’s the under side of the large one.



87! damn. They also have transpiration processes which release moisture and they are bushy girls. They are drinking and eating a bunch.
Wow. 900 ppm is more than I knew they could handle. What’s your pH? I ask because whatever you are doing is obviously working great. I am really wishing that I had used my DWC system. Your plants look really amazing. That under shot with all those branches is a killer shot. She is a beast! You should be very proud, I sure would be.
We are selling and moving and going to be renting with a garage and I am thinking about a 2’x4’ tent instead of my 3x3. These autos should do okay maybe 2 bigger or 3 medium or 4 shorties. I have a 4 autocob set from the cobshop and a 2’x2’ footprint QB light so I could light a 2x4 up good.
I have to stop my grow to sell the house and wait until we get moved in to start my next grow and it’s going to kill me.


@puffer1958 not liking the autopot? And that’s no good on having to let her go.


Can you lollipop these autos? I am not doing any type of lst this grow just trying to finish as quickly as possible.