Fastest Auto OG Kush grow time


That is a sweet fan. I got lucky and snagged a 4” with filter from a closing grow store a few weeks ago for $90. Definitely necessary for smell control. That was my main concern. Being able to use it for humidity and temp control is a big bonus. You’ll love having more power over the environment.


I am replacing a 3 year old Vortex and it’s like replace a bottom of the line Kia with a Lexus.
You got a great deal on that setup of yours for sure.

I have a feeling this little girl is going to really smell.

I plan to use some terpinator this grow. I could not use it in my rdwc because it collected on my chiller tubing which basically made it null and void as far as the desired result. DWC/RDWC grows smell but not nearly as much.

I wish there was a way for me to sell some of this equipment. I don’t want to put it on Facebook for sale because it is like saying “yo, grower here”

I have florescent, HID, fans, etc that I would love to sell.


Try ebay maybe? Bit less… personal


Yeah, I know but with ebay it can get a bit complicated. I am counting on selling a starter kit (light, fan, filter) to somebody that I know.It won’t be that much money but every little bit counts. The older you get the less people you tend to know for many different reasons. I used to be the connection around here. I was the first guy to bring sinsimilia here back in the late 70s, flash forward to 2000s and then at 50 my connection died and I never recovered a new one plus the garbage that is commercially available is not worth buying and the good smoke is so ridiculously expensive I turned to plan B and my only regret is that I did not do this 20 years ago. If you would have asked me in 1978 if cannabis would be nationally legal in 2018 I would have said of course. Then Nancy Reagan said, Just Say No and suddenly a joint and a rock of crack were equal. We went backwards and the only thing that allowed the progress we have known has been the brainwashed are dying off and the greedy are realizing tax and profits are to be made. It was a different time


Hahaha. Have u met my friend @hangthebanksters. Yall would get along famously. Sadly all of that is true. U have no idea how many coworkers i have who still thinks its the devils drug even cbds for pain/chemo patients


I will have to checkout this kindred spirit hangthebanksters hell, the name alone stirs my curiosity.

I live in the south and their is no shortage of zombots that eat propaganda all day long. From what I have seen in life fear is a direct result of ignorance.

Have you ever seen cannabis grown by the only legal US government sanctioned grower in the US? It looks like total garbage and I am not exaggerating. That’s what their “experts” are studying. They act like it’s some mysterious plant from another planet that we have been studying for a short time and more “study” needs to be done. What a load of horseshit.

I lost an EXCELLENT job as a nuclear power plant maintenance electrician at a company that I had worked at for 12 years when I was 32yo back in '91.

Can you imagine if they told workers in the US that they could never take a drink. Never. Vacation, off time, anytime that they are not at work and of course not at work? There would be riots in the street. Alcohol is a horrible drug that devastates lives of adults and the children of these adults. It sure fucked up my dad and in turn my life.

Yep, I am an old fart who is sick of being a criminal and unable to enjoy the benefits of a simple goddamn plant. Remember, get government out of our lives. Right. The MFs who are saying that want to get so far up your ass that they know what you ate last night.


Im in the south to bro. Yea sh!t is bass awkwards. N alcohol screws up things worse then weed by a mile


Or just about any pill :pill: you swallow as well.


I am thankful to be from the south but this east coast is getting messed up. We are moving to Colorado in a few years and I cannot wait. It is so beautiful out there and the humidity is not oppressive like where I live. 3 years ago we left Red Rocks after a Dave Chappelle show with 10k people and we got out of there quicker than I can get out of my neighborhood some days because of friendly people at the show. There are nice folks here just fewer by the day. Where I live you go into the grocery store you would think you were in Connecticut, NJ, Mass, etc not the south. I love it out there and I’ll tell you another thing about out there. You can find more biscuits than bagels out there and southern bbq, fried chicken restaruants. In other words you don’t feel any stigma being southern out there. I get the feeling southern is celebrated out there as far as the real and good things about the south like food, manners, etc. This is coming from a southern man married to a NY yankee but she’s a very small town girl… LOL.

I’ll tell you what surprised me was the seeds that were for sell were all regular not fem and no autos that I saw and were just as expensive if not more than euro seeds.

By the time we move there “green rush” will be over and many will have returned to their home State where it will be legal by then. Except those folks from Georgia because it will not be legalized there until I am dead or leave the State…

We have been to Denver and Colorado 4 times in 3 years and just went out back in October. I have a Xiaolin cannagar for the holidays I brought back. Copy and paste in a google search if you have never heard of them. They are overpriced of course but I am looking forward to puffing on it for days. And I got some Chroma (oil) and some Blue Kudu chocolate bar so it’s gonna be a merry new years and a happy Christmas! My last grow, OG Kush photo (5oz) just ran out so I am trying to lower my tolerance so I can raise it again.


I hear @puffer1958 disgust with the shitstem. You are correct that you and every one else that is a 14A US citizen is a criminal. How? There are literally millions of statutes, regulations, codes, and ordinances which they tell you ignorance of the law is no excuse. We break one of these overy day and dont even know it. The reality is that those regulations, codes, statutes and ordinances are color of law. There is only one law in these united states of America and that is the constitution which is natural law or common law based. There was a bait and switch that happened to the American people when they instituted the private federal reserve system back in 1913. We were never taught the true history in school. Those of the power structure want to keep the gen pop functionally ignorant so they can keep the fraudulent corruption ponzi scheme going. The question of breaking the law (common) vs a statutory is where is the claim from the injured party? No injured party no crime. Last time i checked growing and smoking plants is a victim-less “crime”.


Daaaaamn! Well said! Well said! I really appreciate the video and as soon as I get home from sitting in the dentist chair I will definitely watch it.
Advice for the day, start saving for dental work. I could have bought a new car for what it’s cost me in the past 5_6 years…


I dunno bro. I love my stigma. Everywhere i go… chiraq, ohio, florida, kentucky… the call me Mississippi or country boy. Outta love of course (n my accent) but yea. Just cuz they have chikin n biscuits dont mean its like our chikin n biscuits :joy::rofl::joy:. Like my gumbo aint ish.

Anywho the green rush is over. No making cash of pot in colorado anymore. The supply is CRUSHING demand. But Hang as usual spot on brother. :facepunch:t5:


LOL. True about the chicken and biscuits. i went to a place called Denver Biscuit Company and was not impressed at all. No cash to be made growing but I am pretty much small personal grow and they have some pretty good deals as well as medical. No, I have been here 60 years but I won’t be buried here if I have my way, cause my way is gonna be the Rocky Mountain way one fine day.


Lol sounds good to me. I have to be buried here. Or at least have my ashes tossed or used for some magical strain i create before i go. N i feel that man. Screw getting paid. If i get 2 lbs off my harvest i dont plan on selling a gram! If u need some weed by all means ill smoke ur head back. If ur family then just take this 4 grams n gtf out my face :joy::joy: but weed is not for profit in my eyes. Its a friking plant.


here is a more thorough explanation of whats going on currenty in the US Inc.


I am basically in the process of a complete system change out. At this point the only equip that I have not changed has been the tent and I am pretty sure when we sell and move into the next place that I will buy a new Gorilla tent either 2X4X6’11"/8’11" or 3X3X6’11"/8’11" and get the heavier 1600 denier for smell control. Yesterday I took another $$$ leap and bought a badass autocob from that auto growers on AFN are nuts about. I really believe that this light will prove to be more than adequate and hopefully somewhat “future proof”. It is a 600w HID equivilant with less heat and power. This is it;


Nice. I’m getting ready to set up another station and I found the mars hydro tents 1600 for $109 not too bad imo. Hoping it helps contain flowering aroma.:grin: I went with a qb for lighting. And after seeing your fan with rh and temp I’m thinking of picking that up.


Very inexpensive indeed, especially for a 1600d.
I realize that, for me, this equipment is well worth it and ultimately permit me to be self sufficient which I believe to be an American core value.
I just hope that I live long enough to pay for all this stuff and don’t leave it for my wife. “Life is unexpected” Early Cuyler


Ahhh. That is the conundrum. But i promise. A harvest or two and ull be looking at life thru the ever optimistic green lens. :+1:t5:

Those cobs look badass man. I think u coulda built it for a bit cheaper with the light doctors help. But youll get yo grow on fa sho.


I like the sound of the ever optimistic green lens. I gots my green lens on right now! Blue Dream that smells so sweet it is crazy.
It may very well be possible to build them for less, I don’t really know, and every day I am learning not only grow related stuff but the equipment tech keeps morphing and evolving so quickly which is great in the bigger scheme of things but I hate when I find that I am behind the curve.
I definitely see my future pretty solidly in the autoflower camp. It’s been exciting for, me much like when I first started growing, going from photos to autos. I think more and more growers with their own needs in mind will continue to gravitate to them for the obvious reasons.
I wish that I had started this 20 years ago but the Gestapo had me good and scared. Meanwhile, there is plenty of real crime to keep them busy if they do not have anything to do… Oh, that’s right, real criminals are dangerous. Maybe they should leave them alone. Sad.