Fastest Auto OG Kush grow time


My 1st ILGM OG Kush auto grow. Autopot w/coco/hydroton and air-dome and Cultured Solutions nutes/etc KISS grow. LED 24-7 indoor grow. I have never had any issues with any of a multitude of flawless grows involving pretty much every strata/media, light configuration you can think of. In other words, it’s not my first rodeo.
My situation is we will be selling our house and I need to be finished by a certain time or my wife will not be happy.
Current status is It is about 2 inches with second set of true leaves yet still has cotyledon leaves and I would estimate the tap root to be 3-4 inches long with another 6 inches to reach the bottom where airdome will be running in 2 weeks. I will be adding a mild bit of RapidStart to my water tomorrow and will start a very mild nute add to my water in 7 days. I use less nutrients already from a hyper-aerated DWC grow background. Less is more. I believe that I will hit transition/flower at 35 days which is about 12/30 for me. Temps and humidity are all good.
I am hoping for a 65 day grow and intend to do so with the advantage of the autopot/airdome setup and a very good LED 24-7 as per Mephisto Genetic advice of 24/7 lights on for expediting the auto grow. I realize this is a good amount of info but in anticipation of questions about specifics such as I have included for this reason.


I just harvested an og kush auto and it was a 90 day plant from sprout to harvest. 65 days you’ll probably only just be at 4 weeks of flower and it’s recommended at 7-9 weeks. Just my opinion. Other more experienced growers will chime in @raustin @PurpNGold74 @garrigan65
@Screwauger is a wizard with the autopots


Thanks for the response. What were you growing in? Inside or out? Was it smelly? How tall did it get? What kind of dry weight did you get per plant? Please forgive the 3rd degree , this is just the info I was craving. YT proved to be devoid of any ILGM OG Kush auto grows save one pathetic grow that was a poor example.
As far as just your opinion, I highly value your opinion and really appreciate you taking the time to share it with me. Big time.
My schedule got delayed about 30 days or I would have had no problem. I had a bean that failed to pop, not a ILGM bean though. I have truly had the best germ rate with them… So then I had to hurriedly ordered but thankfully ILGM has the cash option that speeds things up immensely.and I highly recommend it.


No problem mine was a 26” bush netted me 113 dry. Grown indoors in pro mix amended soil with 600 w viparspectra led (not the best but not totally blurple) Time to switch to flowering nutes I think I did that correct if not pull up my page and look at time to switch have some pics on there at different stages. The smell is pungent and the buds were supper sticky. Curing now in about a week I’ll have a smoke report.


Damn. 113g! Nice! I am curious the length of time for your cure.
I am finishing literally my last couple of joints of my last grow, ILGM OG Kush fem photo that yielded around 6oz. These OG Kush fem/photo that were used to make their autos have a tendency to herm (I think ILGM was the source for this info)when extended darkness or some other stress triggers(temps,etc). Out of 6oz I had 14 seeds that I intend to pop and do a SOG grow with the fems which I fidure to be 5-7. ILGM says their auto has the same taste.
I looked at your grow and am really jacked now. You gave me a glimpse into exactly what I was hoping for, real apples to apples good info specific to my exact breeder/strain. Big help to me.
I realize now that I will have to finesse this time frame thing with the wifey. Poor woman.


Cure will be 3 weeks this weekend and I’ll try out a few of the pop corn lower buds. Buds were still kinda airy. I’ve bought a better light but now waiting to buy another set up and keep what I have for veg.
I also had 40g in trim that was put into the mb2 machine this morning for tincture.


Interesting. These auto buds seem airy to me which means very little to me. The upside is a faster dry and less likelihood of molds, etc. I am interested in the MB2, I take it that you like it. I know a journalist/smoker in Seattle that her husband grows/sells to dispensaries and I told her she should do an article about MB because they are a Seattle company.


Mb2 machine is absolutely a great piece of equipment for cannibus. Very versatile, Yes I like it :joy: … I agree with the airy buds as sometimes I battled high rh with all the foliage with two big bushy plants.

I’ve made gummies, brownies, caramels, tincture, and a topical.


Im late but here n set to watching. OG Kush sounds yummy. Best of luck. N welcome to ILGM


These ILGM og kush autos are amazing. I’m at 38 days. DWC. 4 cxb3590 4000k @ 200w & 2 chilled boards @ 200w. I did a little Lst. Should i scrog? This is my first grow other than vegetables.


Really nice BB! I appreciate the pic it gives me valuable insight to growth expectations as far as time. Lots of bud sites. You may want to check out videos about leaf tucking to allow light to get to bud sites that are shaded by larger fan leaves and closer to the last 30% of the grow start some lollipoping and there are videos about that. Midwestnewbie got 113g from his ilgm OG Kush auto monster and if you duplicate that result X 3 you will have 339g or 12oz! Damn. I would be set for a while. I look forward to hearing your dry total.

Did you build your LED light? How are the boards chilled? I was not even aware of this chiller tech. It sounds very interesting. I already own a small Hydrofarm 1/10hp chiller if it uses that type tech. I know water and electricity do not play well together but I also know that liquid chiller tech has been used in PC cpu/gpu for years.
It looks amazing. You are obviously a serious grower and I mean that in a plant growing sense(not just cannabis) with your vegetable experience. I bet you are going to do incredible cannabis grows.

I am sure you have seen that there are some decent videos with good information out there (YT)and at least 10-20 times more videos with bad information. My rule of thumb is thumpy background music usually means that there is a genius behind said video that is clueless. I have spent countless hours through the years gleaning information specific to my grows. IMO there is a YT guy that is one of the best growers and providers of informational videos with not only useful info he is intensely focused on growing and is pretty concise and not a bunch of fluff. He sells to dispensaries but is very much a home based small grow not a larger commercial grow. He is a grow nerd and I mean that as praise. I am posting this for anybody interested in learning from a bonafide cannabis grower. His videos sure have helped me and continue to do so. Here is a link to just one of dozens of his videos that is about his “crowning achievement” a massive auto grow and he is rightfully proud of his results.


I tuck the big leaves every other day. They are persistent and vigorous. Should I be tucking more often?
As far as the lights. They are not physically chilled by anything except air movement. Chilled is the brand of board on the front two lights. I did build the frame out of flat and aluminum angle. and is where most of the other components came from.
They are 42” from the top of the plants. I just got 4 new chilled boards that I’m adding soon. And will be bringing down slowly to find the sweet spot.
The front plant is just a bag seed that I’ve been attempting to keep alive. I should have just started with the 2 autos. But I didn’t have a tent at the start. I’ll check out the videos and post you suggested. I appreciate the info.


No, I don’t think that you should tuck more than you are doing, i just don’t know what sort of grow tips you already know so I am erring on the side of caution. They are going to get bushy did you see midwestnewbie’s pics? Monster bush. My experience is in photoperiods and I did not hesitate to lollipop but you hear one camp say autos are so sensitive that many things can negatively impact like transplanting, nute imbalances, etc and then I have read how hearty they can be. It sounds and looks like you have yours well dialed in IMO. I bet you have smooth sailing to the end. your solid background in vegetable growing is a vast set of skills and knowledge that few come into this hobby with. My wife admitted when I first started growing from seeds that she had little confidence due to her own perceived black thumb.

This hobby can get expensive quickly. I have learned some $$ lessons but it is very rewarding to me on several levels. My latest buy has been a new exhaust fan and I am pretty jazzed about it. I bought some other fans from this company and really liked the build quality. My new fan is very quiet and because it is DC it can be slowed without getting the growling noise typically associated with using a speed controller on an AC fan. My tent is 3’X3’X6’. Here is the link to my fan on eBay with no offending links that ilgm says no no to.


Sweet tent my guy. The girls look good. That light looks sweet!


Do you want me to post updates here on your thread?

The fan and filter is a must if trying to keep hudity in check. There are some plugs on amazon Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug, Voltson Mini Outlet with Energy Monitoring (4-Pack), No Hub Required, ETL Listed, White, Works with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT

Running the fan programmed 15min every hour


I would love it if you would post updates here. It is like a roadmap for me. My little girl just put on her 4th set of leaves. I have some co2 green pads in the pot helping in that root growth as well as foliage growth.

The link for the smart plugs was great. I ordered a 4 pack for a wife/house gift. She has a space heater for her bathroom and it is going to plug into one of them. She will love that and so will I. I found a 1800 watt set of plugs. I will also use these in my grow. I love tech like this.
Dude, I really appreciate your sharing with me. Other than my wife, I cannot share even the fact that I have a grow much less get and share input. The wife is great but she does not smoke and personally does not get the grow thing but she knows that I am easier to live with when I have my “meds” Lol


U got any photos Puff? Would love to watch along


Here is my little girl. She is about 2 weeks old. I am hand watering her with 5.8 pH and yesterday a very mild GH RapidStart root stimulator in the water. She still has her cotelydons but they are starting to fade so I will start very mild A&B nutes next watering. I think that will green it up some.


Day 42. I added the 4 chilled boards finally. 800w total maximum across 10 lights. I’m gonna run the cobs at full power and start the boards on about 50%. Added 5 gallons 2 days ago with tap water, protekt, ionic bloom, Pk boost, vitamax, orca, and s7 flying skull. They are starting to uptake a lot more water per day. 5 gallon res is half gone. I’ve been tucking fan leaves every day. And exposing as many tops as I see. Also added a frame for net. But i May have to make some longer legs before adding netting. They are starting to stretch good.

How are you liking the autopots? I’ve been thinking about trying some out if/when I do soil.


This will be my first autopot grow. In recent grows I have had a mini 2 bucket rdwc with a chiller growing photos and that has been great just pretty much cruise control. I tell you what I am pretty excited about is my new exhaust fan and controller that I’ve got coming. I can tell this girl is gonna be a stinker. I swear I can already smell her. Hers my new fan. Check the controller out.

Super quiet and badass