Faster Autoflower Strain

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I apologise if I’ve put this in the wrong section.

I’ve spent hours and hours looking but my lack of experience is leading me nowhere. Could I please get some suggestions on the fastest growing autoflowers? I’m specifically looking for strains that will go from start to finish in 8 weeks, not simply flower in 8 weeks after 3-4 weeks of veg. I’m happy to buy any strain from ILGM or go to other sites if it is recommended. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

I live in Australia.


I gotchu Ozzy! I moved your topic to the Autoflower Support section. I haven’t personally grown autos, but there are lots on here that have, and I’ve seen some advertised as 60 days to harvest. Others should be along with some good options for you. :+1:


The fastest growing autoflower I know of is Sour Crack from Mephisto Genetics. It can finish in as little as 55 days.

All of the Mephisto Genetics strains finish very quickly. Most are in a 65-75 day range. Their catalog lists their strains by total growth days, not flowering days. I have found their predictions to be extremely accurate - down to within 3 days usually.


I also concur Mephisto genetics are really close on the days it takes to grow. Plus the weed is amazing! Best autos I’ve ever grown for quality and potency.


Sour crack mephisto super fast and dank I’ve seen some at 56-60 days.

og kush by canuk they say 49 days on true north but seen them finish in 54 days

Quick one by Royal, a lighter high at 13% but stable genetics I hear.

  • Speed Auto from sweet seeds

Green o matic
Star dust auto
Kush van stitch
Chocolate skunk
Hash plant (sensi seeds)
Green poison fast

Lota out there

Thank you all for your suggestions, I’m going to look into them now. This isn’t a question, but I’ve noticed that seed banks with the perfect product (like Quick One, which I have done research on) simply do not ship to this lonely country. It’s also near impossible to find substitutes for premium American soils.

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Have you looked into building your own soil? You can probably get all the components shipped, make it whatever you want. There are several recipes on here, @garrigan62 's is very popular. Best of luck! Don’t be afraid to ask if you need help…lots to be had here.

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