FastBuds Auto GSC / Gelato. (70 day no flower)


This is my 3rd grow and ive decided it will probably be beneficial to do this! Haha.
Plus - I know people like following plants that are mislabeled / unusual.

2 Auto Fast Buds Gelato
2 Auto Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookie

3 Gallon / 13.6 Litre Fabric Pots
BioBizz 50L Light-Mix Potting Soil
General Hydroponics Flora Gro, Bloom & Micro

2 300 Watt LED Lights (one white light / one red/blue light)
20 HR Light on / 4 HR Light Off

Planted 70 days / 10 weeks ago - Supposed to be Autos but after some help from this forum i’ve worked out they’re more than likely Photos!

Will be sticking the lights on 12/12 from Monday to try to push through flower.

Will keep this updated so that people can see how an auto grows from 12/12 week 10!

Any advice i’ll massively appreciate! Changing Nutes / Soil etc - anything that could benefit.


Nice looking plants! Before flipping I would clean/trim the 1/3 bottom side, give them 3 days to recover.

Thanks man!

Yeah I was tempted to do some defoliating, but im worried it’ll stress the plant too much?

I’ve done some LST (First time, I can see the appeal!)

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man when those stretch they are gonna be Huge. got to watch. looks great

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Looking good

Do it gradually, a little bit every day for few days, then give them 3 days to recover before switching. They are healthy and vigorous. They will thank you.


How often can I do light defoliation? I’m talking 2/3 leaves per plant.

If i defoliate every few days would it stress the plant?

Or is it too small for it to notice?