Fast6strains sog


Ty dude.



Looks to me like that plant has a case of the icky sticky with all that goodness


Yeah, wax coming out of her. Back then when take pic, I smoked it. Its taste like honey.
I see that first time. But its nice.



Allmost ready. Dance world was failure, lets see what i get from clones…
Criminal is harvested, very happy/giggly strain, special queen is harvested.
SQueen was nice smoke, very well balanced cloud in head​:exploding_head::ok_hand:
Now waiting 2 power AFRICA X MK ultra and 2 big nugs and one skunk.
Skunk hve so beautiful plant structure and she smell like so sweet aaah, waiting to get some of that. Power africa X Mk ultra one plant leaning power africa style and another is like mkultra.
Ive done some prep harvest that time. Bigger and higher nugs what was ready ive harvested already.


Did you weigh it?