Fast6strains sog


Nicely filled room. Day 55 veg.

I accidentaly forgot my timer switch on, this mean 24/0 3 days and those came up

What nutrients is that, caltsium def?
This happens where lights are most srong.


that article is not accurate, there r no real numbers for comparison, what wattage lights r they comparing.?, what distances r they hung.?, how much air movement.? RH.?
it contradicts itself with the Infrared Pic and the statement…
" Any light that isn’t reflected is absorbed and turned into heat, warming up the leaves, which affects how the plants grow. Our experiments show that the wasted light colors from commonly-used HPS grow lights can keep leaves 10-25 °F warmer than the ambient air temperature, depending on plant type."
if this was true the 200F HPS would be producing 180F leaf temp due to all the “wasted light”, basically all the light from a HPS according to Black Dog.
the Black Dog light is producing 80% of its heat into leaf temp, the HPS is only producing 45% of its heat into leaf temp., but again, we do not know the power output of either…???

it’s graph is also misleading,
“The orange line shows the spectrum of a High Pressure Sodium (it’s even a “blue-enhanced agricultural” HPS) light; you can see how most of its light is in the range people are most sensitive to, and plants are least sensitive to.”
enhanced bulbs r doing better then the old school HID bulbs,
the increase in spectrum has to have something to do with it,
is it because of extra yellow/green, i don’t know, but it seems to help.!!

“showing how our eyes are most sensitive to yellow and green light. This is also the lumen weighting function which is used to measure lux / lumens for a light source.”
lumens r heavily dependent on yellow/green, but to say that is all it measures is false,
i’ve used a lumens meter on Floro, MH, and HPS, according to that article my meter would not ‘see’ half of the old HPS or MH spectrums and read really low,
that is not the case, my meter gives a good idea of light concentration from all sources.!

dbrn, as always, thank u for all your info and knowledge that u share with us,
i used to think that Black Dog was a better Blurple light, but that article turned me totally against Black Dog and their research.!!

i may be missing something, if someone can explain their research to me please do.!!


maybe this will help, use the drawings loosely, read the descriptions in # order to find your deficiency…


20" long, 60days veg, today goes 12/12. This gonna be aswsome grow, I feel it.

Nicely filled 7foot long side, 3foot wide but they want go wider. Must buy some new lamps, have b0ttload clones too from them.

Haha​:see_no_evil::astonished: cant belive my eyes.

Little spots remain.


First cloning 100% success rate


Its been ages to update that.
Ive been updating my lights. Double ended 600w hps dimmable.


72/13. Beginning of week 3, strech is almost over. No more training, only cut colas what cant make it.


Looking good. A real jungle in there


Yeah, thats what i thinking too. More lights, bigger plants. More plants. I have 17 clones too. From same plants. Its going tight. :grin:


Dance world with low thc and big cbd ratio
Day 70smt/18 days 12/12
Looks like male first. I have many worries. Then first pistils come… If this some thing high cbd plants have? @dbrn32 maybe you know? Haha, you get that F1 thing srtaight to me. Why not that…


I can’t zoom on pics due to multiple pics per post. But swollen calyx are often mistaken for pollen sac. I try to look for signs of pistils to differentiate one from thr other.


I change previous commentar one too :point_up_2:


Different than others what i had grow, but i grow first time thc/cbd 4:1 ratio plant. Or even 3:1


I don’t see pollen sacs, but they do look a little funky. Are these being put back into veg?


Omg. Maybe yeah some light leak. Uhh. Today is late but first thing tomorrow i go and control all.
Yeah i have now stronger lights and… Only thing what i dont remember to control after add all supp. lights. If this one may hermie now easier…?


Probably not by light recipe, but if you have altering lifht cycles can cause herms.


Day 83/24

Looks like scrog, btw later i need support wire anyway. Colas are long.

1200w total. 8plants.7x4 foot area. Def waiting over 2pound primo bud.


Original skunk and Dance World get both light leak and now i watch them closely maybe they hermie… Even dont know how to put them nutes…? Them Pots are heavier, stress because revegged.
How long they revert BACK flowering mode?
Is this cause some losses?


Equipment on work.

Wilderness, or i like thinking that way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All plants filled 7x7 room easily. :seedling: 25 pants if count clones in veg too.




they are looking great @beginner2d