Fast6strains sog



these r in 3 oz plastic cups, fed 1/2 strength fert’s,
this was taken a day or 2 before they got transplanted into 20oz solo cups,
next move is into 1 gal nursery pots.


when they look like an improper fraction (as big or bigger then the pot they r in) it is time to transplant.!


Yeayea. I dont think 2 week is right. Ive done that more times i can count and if i get 2 more weeks then they have rootbound. Now i moved them New home. With much better light and reflective room. 2-4 days and then they go 100 oz. cups and there they spend almost all veg time 25 days or so. And then 5 gallons pots :yum:
Simple AS it is


Day 14 and 2 of them almost rootbounded. I have a FAST strains going.

New 3/4 gallon pots for veg.


Day 26, transplanted, I have only 5gal pots and they dont really fit in grow room, thats why i have vent on pots and heater just hangin on ceiling. Irw.

But they all are good health.


Day 39,just water with plain water.

All is good. Think Im let them be in veg until day 50
Before lst


I switch 2 VS 600 to 2X 320w cobs, I think i see difference.


Lol, nothing you see.


Add one vs600


Added one more vs600, now 2x320 cobs and 2x275 Real VS’s

2 BIG Nugs. Really different each other.

CRIMINAL and DANCE WORLD, behinders.

SPECIAL QUEEN and Original Skunk, super healthy

And two PowerAfrica x MK, really bushy and super healthy

Today, I cut longer tops(untopped tops from last time) and clone them because i have only one of them, 4 middle ones, SPECIAL QUEEN/SUPER SKUNK /CRIMINAL / DANCE WORLD.

NOW i can start a New journal with my first wanted CLONES.
I forgot to picture them…
Tomorrow is a New day.
Good Night.


Biggest leaf what i have so far inside. This belong to CRIMINAL. :clap:

After taking cuttings from them and feed them fish emulsion, New growth exploded, many New shoots after 1day.

And here are clones from them. 30 or so…

What pot size you recommend clones?
Heat stress?



The pot size I would say depends on what space and how big you want them to grow. And yes that looks like to hot in there. What’s your temp in there? And humidity?


First i hope most of them rooting. :hugs: That all depends how much survive.
Want to do Sog style, I have 1&2 gallons pots.

I have right now miezi 600 and viparspectra 300. First weeks when rooting and growing thats enough… Later on i can add some :grin:
Temps are some point max 82f (morning, before i open door, morning wake up hour or so)
,but most of time 75f and humi are 35-60. Are big leaves come to plants because high temps and high humi? Ive grown in greenhouse and there i got big leaves too. When lights on and second extraction vent is working, there are 45 humi and 75f. I think its nice clima.


Those aren’t bad numbers the 82 is a bit high but if they’re not at that temp for long I don’t see that being the problem. Do they only look like that in the morning? I’d always lean on the bigger side for the pots but I don’t grow in soil. @OldSchoolGrower has a nice SOG going. Might have a look at his and see what size he used.


No. Sadly this pic was taken middle of day. Maybe some nutes under/over taking…?
Or maybe too much heat. Must take another vent in room. Just now little 10’ to blow all 8 plants.
This are my most undervented :grin::grin: grow.
But now is time to bringing in big guns.

Haha of course, I add 2 ledlamps. More heat and they need much wind and i think i put on second extracion fan on too. Dark hours this was off. I think yeah :yum: too much used air is main reason.
Reason is why so less fans on is weather what are so dry, under 25 about 2-3 weeks.
That was/is good for final step flowering. Love it!
But newcomers need more humidy. Now we have little more water in air :grin: must turn off some fans and then look is this curling up is go away.


Where are you getting the temp reading at? Like setting on the pots at the lights etc.


I have multiple meters. One Just under leafs, one same level as pots middle point, one sitting on edge of pot. Haha. Thats not problem, I think.


Ok good. Just trying to rule it out. Let’s see if @raustin or if @blackthumbbetty knows what else would make the leaves do that.


I’m currently using 5 gallon fabric pots filled to about 3 gallon…


For clones?
How long in veg?


Here’s a little info on temps you guys may find interesting.

If you know me, I don’t usually plug companies like that. But that is more scientific explanation to stuff a few of us seemed to have picked up on over time. There just wasn’t much out to support it.