Fast6strains sog


Its definetialy fun to watch old grows, this here is like log.
6Strains and 8 plants. Fast flowering strains, mostly skunk heritage.
Biobizz nutes/soil. China leds/cobs.
2 PA X MK Fast
DANCE WORLD cbd strain
ORIGINAL SKUNK first canna up winner
SPECIAL QUEEN cup winner
Flowering time 6-8 weeks, lets see what happens.


Haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I even do strategytal plac7ng in grow room based on heritage.

Now i want do fast skunk strains b/c i ruined my last crop. Uhh.


I have some options more but autos.
But i save them for summer.


I’m on board if you don’t mind if I tag along :pleading_face:


Im flattered :hugs:


I’ll be following along as well. Good luck it sounds like some great strains in your collection.


TY. Waiting soil to put seeds in. Tomorrow we get first touch with soil. And growroom upgrade. More heat needed. We have winter cold, 14f only. Its cold :sunglasses:


Lots of documenting…BUT… your muffin pan si not numbered. If it gets turned around…not gonna know what is what.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , when its turn… Look this picture again

right tray is empty.
4x3 :no_smoking:


I’ll tag along too if you don’t mind! Watching…


Nice i hope much watchers, :+1:


53 hours soaked and original super skunk is not YET out. Tomorrow i get soil and then bury them


In da fckin soil, but not biobizz

NPK, Good for seedlings.
BBizz are late b/c Christmas time is arriving and postal Offices or how do call them :snail: are stuffed, and maintenance works etc :exploding_head:
But still they want soil and i found that good old way, in my stash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In bergmansLab stand i can soak about 7 days before they drown. I like them better in soil.
Little help original skunk #1 to get rid of shell

I water 100ml water, pots are 2"deep and 3"wide.
Put them gently inside and bury them like loving father do.
And now waiting… When they put heads out.
Nothing cant fail this time.


Finally all 8 is out.
BIG Nugs came 2.12 first ones.
2.12 came SPECIAL queen and PAxMK fast one seed.
Yesterday came
DANCE world, CRIMINAL and Original Skunk.
And right now just come second PAxMK.

First week equipment ready.

Still waiting that domes to put up…


Yay they’re all officially going.


Sprouts 2-3 days old.

One PAxMK are decided to not Sprout @all

I dig her up little, I see seed shell, I cautionly remove shell and then first leaves stick together.
Sprayed water on first leaves and then gently open them to light, but nothing, waited 2 days. Just recycle her :neutral_face:
THINK tomorrow i sprayed fish mix foliar for them. And root juice in soil.
Must take another seed in my collection. Something fast i think. I have one PAxMK seed too, but that i wanna save outdoor. I must decide today before others race away.


with a high plant count SoG style grow u have to start extra and use the most uniform plants.!

I have a grow box designed for SoG, 20 plants in one gallon pots in 5.5 sq ft.


Really i do all teh together. Mostly included sog, but i first top them and lst them to make dozens of tops. Then i defol. lower stuff and then them together in sog.
I want to one plant put more than one Cola. Seeds worth it more :grin:


6-7 days old now. Bottom right one are 2 days old. Thats i put directly in soil, fast sprouter.
Yesterday first real watering with little root juice, fish mix and acti vera.
Some roots came out bottom, think tomorrow they go bigger pots.
Peace out.


i would wait a week or 2.!