Fast way to make marijuana clones?


A question from a fellow grower:

What would you consider the easiest/fastest way to clone plants?


Excellent advice on cloning can be found here in this article on ILGM:

The very popular and successful current practice of a lot of people is to use a bubble cloner, which can be easily made with some unused food storage containers and a simple aquarium air pump, some aquarium hose, and an air stone. Preferably the container should be light tight and light proof. Black paint can be used in some cases on the outside of the container. But you don’t want solvents or toxins getting on the inside of the container. 2" net pots and 2" neoprene cloning plugs can easily be found in local hydroponic stores or online on e-bay and amazon for very very cheap.

In most cases you don’t even have to make yours as big as any of theses. I find a foldgers coffee plastic container with the black lid saves you some time as you only need to wrap the red tub with black duct tape or foil tape to light proof it and then maybe only four locations for the 2" net pot tops are plenty for your average personal medical grower.


I love the post McG! :smiley: I have built some cloners in the past. I have a 24 site cloner that was copied from a thread, and sold on ebay. I might find them and re-post them here.

Anyway; Although I consider my self a hydro guru; I find that the easiset way to clone is with 1.5" rockwool cubes. No muss No fuss

Place your rockwool cubes in a tray of lukewarm, 5.5 PH water for an hour. Set up your cloning powder, or gel;

Select the clones you are going to root. As you cut the clone ( assuming you know how to do this) stick it immediately in gel/powder and stick into rockwool.

When you see the plant growing and a root or 2 poking out of the cube; You are ready to place rooted clone into system.

There are some precautions lited in the link that McG posted, and as always; It is entirely up to you to find out what works best for you! Hthis helps. Peace.lw


The thing I love about bubble cloners is even with your local humidity below 10% I have never had to use humidity domes which can help reduce or eliminate moisture related diseases on the leaves, nodes and buds of your plant. I do trim the the leaves to reduce transpiration though.


Well then; You will like this.

I used to spritz my clones with Miracle Grow leaf shine. It is not at all toxic or dangerous, and is basically the same formula and consistency as “NO-Wilt”. I strongly recommend you use this for leaf stabilty. Far less chance to dry and wilt when you have that “Waxy feelin” hmmm :smiley: Good Stuff.

I agree that bubblers root cuttings extremely well. Very highly recommended. Get a 1-3/4" hole saw to drill your 2" net pot holes. Run drill backwards for a smoother cut through the plastic. Less wear and tear on your bits. too; Trust me.


I do do foliar feed/mist sometimes, but honestly as long as you don’t get an air embolism they almost always root within a few days, even without root hormone or foliar feeding. I use a quarter strength or less balanced nutrient mix in the cloner’s water as well. Anything you want to do to improve rooting time and vigorous growth is fine too.


Sounds like good stuff, lol