Fast Photoperiods?

Has anyone ever had a very fast flowering photoperiod?

This originated from a bag seed. Bought a sack of Collins Ave. We found a seed as well as a friend who doesn’t grow. We grew ours last fall and the plant was just superb. The friend brought his and off we go. Same leaf structure but every branch, branched off, most leave were 3 and 5 finger leave until at least 4 weeks of veg.

I was just wondering if others had experienced a photoperiod that finished this quickly.

Thanks for any responses. Have a good weekend.

. Plant was dainty and I feared she wouldn’t hold bud weight. I switched to 12/12 and on May 18th saw first sign of pre flower. Today is Jun 18th and she’s at least 20% amber. The seed I had before was an 8 week finish. Same batch, same smell on the bud.

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Just had one last grow. She was practically done in her 4th week of flower.


@BobbyDigital wow. This is only my 3rd grow. I have 5 in different stages of flower. Just hadn’t seen this yet. That’s the wonder of growing. Always seeing something different. Thx for you reply brother.


Wow! That’s super fast.

@HippieRunner I thought so too. Apparently not as uncommon as thought. Since this one is done, I’m doing a Bubba Island Kush next and thought it’s 7-7.5 we flower time was quick.

I have a Blackberry Kush Auto that’s at 4 weeks and nowhere close. Every plant has been an adventure. I’m not very experienced but have found growing to be the best stress relief.
Thx for stopping by

He are few I’m running currently.

Blackberry Kush Auto Dutch Passion Big Rootz Soil week 4 flower

Blueberry Seedsman week 4 flower Fox Farm Ocean Soil

Cookie Gelato Royal Queen Seeds in 5gal DWC at week 4 veg. Lotus nutrients and occasional Recharge

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Seedsman in Soil
Root locked in small container and flowered early. Our 1st Auto lol.

Collins Ave ( clone from bag seed) week 2 flower Big Rootz Soil